Stewart Armstrong Copeland (born July 16, 1952) is an American musician and composer. He was the drummer for the British rock band the Police, has produced film and video game soundtracks and written various pieces of music for ballet, opera and orchestra. According to MusicRadar, Copeland's "distinctive drum sound and uniqueness of style has made him one of the most popular drummers to ever get behind a drumset."Rumble Fish is a 1983 American drama film directed by Francis Ford Coppola. It is based on the novel Rumble Fish by S. E. Hinton, who also co-wrote the screenplay. The film centers on the relationship between a character called the Motorcycle Boy (Mickey Rourke), a revered former gang leader wishing to live a more peaceful life, and his younger brother, Rusty James (Matt Dillon), a teenaged hoodlum who aspires to become as feared as the Motorcycle Boy. Coppola wrote the screenplay for the film with Hinton on his days off from shooting The Outsiders. He made the films back to back, retaining much of the same cast and crew. The film is notable for its avant-garde style with a film noir feel, shot on stark high-contrast black-and-white film, using the spherical cinematographic process with allusions to French New Wave cinema and German Expressionism. Rumble Fish features an experimental score by Stewart Copeland, drummer of the musical group the Police, who used a Musync, a new device at the time.
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De La Soul - Me Myself And I

In 1987, a trio known as De La Soul formed from Long Island, NY roots and changed the landscape of hip-hop as we knew it. Now, for over 20 years they have rocked us with their De La songs full of inscrutable samplings, whimsically irreverent lyrics, social commentary, light rhythm and laid back rhymes. They have gained respect within and outside the hip hop community with their contributions to rap, as well as jazz, funk, soul and alternative genres. Not only are their musical innovations acclaimed and respected worldwide, but they paved a path for many alternative rap groups to come after them.
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Hugh Mundell - Time & Place

Hugh Mundell (14 June 1962 – 14 October 1983) was a Jamaican reggae singer and songwriter.
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Tεχνη για κολλημενους
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King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard veer into metal with their thundering, surreal new song “Planet B.” “Open your eyes and shoot the dingo/All this shit goes out the window,” the Australian psych-rockers bellow over fuzz-bass and harmonized hammer-on guitar leads. “Multi-flashing, rusting tractors/Dying heroes … There is no Planet B/Open your eyes and see.” The band paired the single with a jarringly violent video. At various points in the clip, the seven members — all decked out in matching orange attire — bark like dogs, smile demonically and run around an empty highway before a disturbing finale in which a stranger shoots them all and lights their bodies on fire.
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Slade - Coz I Luv You

Slade are an English rock band from Wolverhampton. They rose to prominence during the glam rock era in the early 1970s, achieving 17 consecutive top 20 hits and six number ones on the UK Singles Chart. The British Hit Singles & Albums names them the most successful British group of the 1970s based on sales of singles. They were the first act to have three singles enter the charts at number one; all six of the band's chart-toppers were penned by Noddy Holder and Jim Lea. As of 2006, total UK sales stand at 6,520,171, and their best-selling single, "Merry Xmas Everybody", has sold in excess of one million copies.
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Glitter Wizard - Mycelia

Glitter Wizard plays a unique brand of freak rock and roll that Julian Cope once described as “unashamedly glamorous hard rock”and he’s not wrong. For the past decade ,these San Francisco heshers have been wowing rock fans with heavy riffs and a high octane stage show that combines psych,metal,punk,glam,and prog into a sound that is both hard to pin down and easily recognizable as their own.
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"Hot Patootie – Bless My Soul" is the seventh song in The Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack and is sung by Eddie, an ex-delivery boy. It expresses Eddie's love for 'Saturday night' rock and roll and a past love that was (presumably Columbia) his girlfriend. A chorus of Transylvanians sing background vocals; Phantoms have this responsibility in the stage play. Eddie rides out of the freezer on his frozen motorcycle to Columbia's surprise and glee while Dr. Frankenfurter stands protectively near his creation Rocky's side. It does not end well for Eddie yet he is determined to finish his ode to rock and roll. The song also appears on Meat Loaf's Live Around the World album.
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Aleka’s Attic - In The Corner Dunce

Aleka's Attic were an alternative folk/rock band from Gainesville, Florida, formed by River Phoenix and his sister Rain.he original line up of Aleka's Attic included River as lead singer and played guitar; his younger sister Rain sang, but, contrary to many incorrect reports, did not play keyboards in the band (although she did play various percussion, such as tambourine); Tim Hankins played viola; Josh McKay was the bass player; Josh Greenbaum, a friend of River’s from Florida, was the drummer. About choosing the band's name, "Aleka's a fictional poet philosopher who gathered friends in his attic to discuss his ideas, when Aleka dies they form a band to share his beliefs with others through music". River was offered to sign a two-year development deal with Island Records to develop the band and record a marketable album, which was not accomplished in the time allotted due to River's ongoing film work schedule. So Island, retaining the option to continue or not, opted out of the deal based on the non-marketability of River's newer material. River then decided to record an album independently for the band. The group disbanded in 1993.
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Nirvana - Sappy

"Μπορείς να ζεις χωρίς να κοιμάσαι καθόλου,επειδή φοβάσαι ότι αν αποκοιμηθείς θα χάσεις το σώμα και την ψυχή σου?Μπορείς να ζεις με την αίσθηση ότι είσαι η σκιά κάποιου άλλου και να νομίζεις ότι υπάρχεις μόνο στη φαντασία ενός μικρού αγοριού που είναι προορισμένο να γίνει rock star,το καταραμένο είδωλο μιας ολόκληρης γενιάς?Μέσα από τα μάτια του Homer Boda Alienson,του φανταστικού φίλου του αρχηγού των Nirvana,στον οποίο μάλιστα απηύθυνε και το αποχαιρετιστήριο γράμμα του πριν αυτοκτονήσει,μεταφερόμαστε στο ποιητικό και καταστροφικό σύμπαν του Kurt Cobain.........." Τομάζο Πίντσιο,"Kurt Cobain,Καταραμένο είδωλο"
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