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The B-52's - Party Out Of Bounds

"Party Out of Bounds" is the title of a 1980 song by The B-52s, from their album Wild Planet. It is also the name of a music show on Sirius Satellite Radio hosted by the band's lead male vocalist, Fred Schneider. The original version of "Party Out of Bounds" is 3:21 minutes. An instrumental version included on the B-side of the vinyl 45 rpm single "Private Idaho" is slightly extended (4:32). The original has long been a staple of alternative/new wave dance club playlists. Featured with the other dancefloor-bound tracks from the album Wild Planet, the song "Private Idaho" / "Give Me Back My Man" / "Party Out of Bounds" peaked at number 5 on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart in 1980 as album cuts. The following year, another mix of "Party Out of Bounds" appeared on the B-52s Party Mix! EP. The 'Party Remix' was remixed by Daniel Coulombe and Steven Stanley. This version is first embellished with echoes and additional keyboard effects and then reduced to a skeletal beat-and-buzz showdown before clocking in at 5:21 minutes. Several years later, Stanley produced and engineered the B-52s 1983 album Whammy!.
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Tommy James' road to superstardom began when a nightclub DJ in Pittsburgh discovered a two-year-old record by "The Shondells" and played it at his weekend dances. The crowd response was so overwhelmingly positive that radio deejays started spinning it and an enterprising record distributor bootlegged it, selling 80,000 copies in ten days. By May of 1966 "Hanky Panky" was the number one record in Pittsburgh and Tommy James was a sensation. A Pittsburgh promoter tracked Tommy down at his home in Niles, Michigan and urged him to "come on down!" Unable to put the original group back together, Tommy hired a hot P-burgh R&B bar band to replace them. Two weeks later he signed a record deal with Roulette Records. The label, in turn, put their promotion team to work on "Hanky Panky" and made it the summer smash of '66. Thus began one of the longest strings of nonstop hits in recording industry history! Tommy James promptly followed "Hanky Panky" with two more million selling singles - "Say I Am (What I Am)" and "It's Only Love" - and the Hanky Panky album, which went gold just four weeks after its release. With three hits under his belt, Tommy brought in producers Bo Gentry and Ritchie Cordell, and the three produced seven back-to-back smash singles: "I Think We're Alone Now," "Mirage," "I Like The Way," "Gettin' Together," "Out Of The Blue," "Get Out Now," and the party rock rave-up "Mony Mony." The Gentry/Cordell/James team also produced three platinum albums. In 1968, Tommy became one of the first artists to experiment with music videos, creating a mini-film around "Mony Mony" for theatrical showings, thirteen years before MTV hit the airwaves. After spending three months on the road that year with Vice President Hubert Humphrey — the first time that a rock artist had been asked to campaign for a presidential candidate — TJ took over the creative reins of his career by writing and producing the groundbreaking "Crimson and Clover" single and album. (Humphrey wrote the C&C album liner notes, another first.) Released in early 1969, it went multi-platinum, and spawned two more monster hits: "Do Something To Me" and "Crystal Blue Persuasion." A fourth song from the LP, "Sugar On Sunday," rose high on the charts in a cover version by The Clique. Tommy followed up the Crimson and Clover album with Cellophane Symphony, which featured the newly developed Moog Synthesizer and included yet another Top Ten single, "Sweet Cherry Wine." Tommy James was on a roll! Not only did the total sales of his four 1969 hits top those of the Beatles that year, his second volume of greatest hits - The Best Of Tommy James and The Shondells (featuring "Ball of Fire") – also appeared and ultimately sold over 10 million copies. Alone among his 1960s contemporaries, Tommy had successfully made the transition from a Top 40 pop singer to a respected classic rock album artist. In 1970 he released the gritty rock 'n' roll Travelin' album (thought by many to be the band's best work) which contained the gold singles "She" and "Gotta Get Back To You,". Tommy then took a break. Upon his return, Tommy wrote and produced the million selling single "Tighter, Tighter" for the group Alive And Kickin'. Over the next four years Tommy scored an additional 12 chart singles, among them "Come To Me," "Ball and Chain," "I'm Comin' Home," and "Draggin' The Line." During that time he also produced the albums Tommy James, Christian Of The World, and My Head, My Bed And My Red Guitar; the latter of which he recorded in Nashville with an all-star cast that featured ace guitarist Pete Drake and Elvis Presley sidemen, Scotty Moore and DJ Fontana. In 1974 Tommy left Roulette Records and released the In Touch and Midnight Rider albums for San Francisco-based Fantasy Records. Returning to the East coast in 1980, he signed with Millennium Records and racked up three more chart singles, including the million selling AC chart-topper "Three Times In Love." In the 1990s, Tommy formed Aura Records and scored three Top 5 AC hits from his Hold The Fire album. Meanwhile Tommy's songs had become pop culture classics and were being covered by everyone from punk rockers to country icons. In 1987, Tiffany and Billy Idol's versions of "I Think We're Alone Now" and "Mony Mony" respectively battled for the top spot on the pop chart for a solid month, and each eventually went to #1. It was the first time in music history that two cover versions of songs by the same artist hit #1 back-to-back. That was just the beginning. In the following years, artists such as Bruce Springsteen, Kelly Clarkson, Prince, Dolly Parton, Santana, R.E.M., Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, Billy Idol, Tom Jones, The Killers and many others, recorded his songs and performed them live. In 2006, Tommy marked the start of his fifth decade as a recording artist with the release of a fan-pleasing, career-spanning retrospective 40 Years: The Complete Singles Collection (1966-2006), which included all 48 of his singles. Next came his I Love Christmas album. His autobiography – Me, The Mob and The Music – became a bestseller for Simon & Schuster, garnered rave reviews from critics and industry insiders, and was chosen by Rolling Stone magazine as one of the 25 greatest rock 'n' roll memoirs of all time (#12). This thrilling tale of Tommy's career and his tumultuous relationship with the "Godfather" of the music industry, Morris Levy, is on its way to becoming a major motion picture: a project helmed by producer Barbara De Fina, whose credits include Goodfellas, Casino, Cape Fear, Color of Money, The Grifters, The Age of Innocence, and Silence. With top Hollywood screenwriter Matthew Stone completing the screenplay, Tommy's story took a critical step forward in the always-lengthy film development process. Today, Tommy's career is still in high gear. He signed an agreement with Sony/ATV Music Publishing to represent his self-published songs and the accompanying masters. This move means that all of Tommy's songs are now being pitched for film, television, advertising and other uses by the world's largest music publishing house. Over the years, the response has been overwhelming with Tommy's music being featured in national ad campaigns for the likes of Nissan and Kohl's; and grabbing prominent placements in movie and television soundtracks, including 16 Cloverfield Lane, Moneyball, Pirate Radio, Austin Powers, We Are Marshall, The Italian Job, Cape Fear, Forrest Gump....and Crowded, Almost Human, The Goldbergs, Aquarius, Boston Legal, My Name Is Earl, Men of a Certain Age and Criminal Minds. "Crystal Blue Persuasion" in particular scored big-time on the 2013 season finale of Breaking Bad and The Simpsons BB parody episode. To date, Tommy has sold over a hundred million records sold worldwide, and has received five BMI "Million Air" awards in recognition of 22 million broadcast spins of his songs. Today Tommy is still rockin', performing his many timeless hits to sellout crowds across the country, and celebrating his 50th year in the music business by recording a new album.
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Vex Ruffin - Front

On paper Vex Ruffin’s music is simple: an untrained punk musician who uses a few basic instruments in uncomplicated ways, he calls the style ‘minimalist.’ Although it may not seem like it upon first listen, Vex’s music is rooted in sampling and hip hop beat-making culture. The SP 303 sampler provides the drums and other sounds, a purchase inspired by Madlib.
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The Liminanas - Migas 2000

With a rumbling combination of fuzzy organ, twanging guitar, half-spoken/half-sung vocals, and vintage analog production, French duo the Limiñanas capture the cool sound of classic French pop of the '60s, then send it shooting off in new directions informed by Italian soundtrack music, psychedelia, Suicide, and country blues. Their 2010 self-titled debut album laid down their template, and each subsequent release tweaked it in interesting ways. The subtle acoustic approach of 2013's Costa Blanca and the slickly neo-psychedelic Malamore from 2016 are two examples of how they expanded their sound while staying true to their origins.
Crystal Anis While the core of the group is drummer and sometime vocalist Marie Limiñana and bassist, organist, and jack-of-all-trades Lionel Limiñana, the duo welcome a host of guest vocalists and other contributors to their records, combining fuzzy organ, twanging guitar, half-spoken/half-sung vocals, and vintage analog production. After debuting with the "I'm Dead" single in 2010, the duo released a self-titled record on Trouble in Mind. The band continued to crank out singles, and a second album, Crystal Anis, followed in the summer of 2012. After taking some time to revamp the Limiñanas' sound to introduce more elements of French and Italian soundtrack music, the duo returned with its third album for Trouble in Mind, 2013's Costa Blanca.
I've Got Trouble in Mind: 7" and Rare Stuff 2009/2014 After issuing a collection of singles and rarities in 2014 (I've Got Trouble in Mind: 7" and Rare Stuff 2009/2014), the duo teamed with French guitarist Pascal Comelade to make the Traité de Guitarres Triolectiques LP in 2015 for Because Music. The next year, they released their fourth album, Malamore. It featured Comelade on one song and former New Order bassist Peter Hook on another. After the release of a late-2017 EP, Istanbul Is Sleepy, which featured the band working with Brian Jonestown Massacre's Anton Newcombe, they returned with Shadow People. The quintessentially Limiñanas-sounding record had guest appearances by Hook, actress Emmanuelle Seigner, Newcombe (who produced the record), and French vocalist Bertrand Belin. Because Music issued the album in early 2018. That same year a second volume of singles and rare tracks, I've Got Trouble in Mind, Vol. 2: 7" and Rare Stuff 2015/2018, hit record store shelves.
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The Beat - Rock 'n' Roll Girl

The Beat (soon renamed to Paul Collins' Beat) is an American rock and power pop band from Los Angeles, California, that formed in 1979. Paul Collins' Beat resurfaced in the 1990s and continues to tour and record new material. Front man Paul Collins has released several projects with his alternative country group The Paul Collins Band, who play Americana music inspired by country rock and folk rock.
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Screaming Jay Hawkins - Little Demon

Ο Screamin' Jay Hawkins (Jalacy "Screamin' Jay" Hawkins, 18 Ιουλίου 1929 - 12 Φεβρουαρίου 2000) ήταν Αμερικανός τραγουδιστής της Rhythm and blues, μουσικός παραγωγός, πυγμάχος και ηθοποιός. Γνωστός για την δυναμική της φωνής του και την θεατρικότητα των παραστάσεων του, γνώρισε επιτυχία με το κομμάτι "I Put a Spell on You" το 1956, το οποίο έχει καταταχθεί στο # 320 στην λίστα με τα "500 καλύτερα τραγούδια όλων των εποχών" του περιοδικού Rolling Stone και έχει διασκευαστεί από εκατοντάδες καλλιτέχνες.Ο Χόκινς γεννήθηκε το 1929 στο Κλίβελαντ. Σαν βρέφος βρέθηκε σε ορφανοτροφείο και υιοθετήθηκε σε ηλικία 18 μηνών.Μελέτησε κλασικό πιάνο και έμαθε να διαβάζει στην ηλικία των έξι ετών, ενώ έμαθε να παίζει κιθάρα μετά την εφηβεία του, με το όνειρο του να είναι να τραγουδήσει όπερα. Όταν δεν τα κατάφερε, ξεκίνησε την καριέρα του ως πιανίστας της μπλουζ μουσικής.Κατά τα εφηβικά του χρόνια ξεκίνησε την καριέρα του ως πυγμάχος, κερδίζοντας τα χρυσά γάντια του 1943.Tο 1949, κατέκτησε τον τίτλο του πρωταθλητή πυγμάχου μεσαίων βαρών στην πολιτεία της Αλάσκα και σταμάτησε την αθλητική του καριέρα για να ενταχθεί στο συγκρότημα του Tiny Grimes. Στην συνέχεια, συνεργάστηκε με τον Fats Domino, πριν αποφασίσει να συνεχίσει ως σόλο καλλιτέχνης.Η μεγάλη επιτυχία ήλθε με το σινγκλ "I Put a Spell on You", του οποίου η αρχική έκδοση μέσω της Okeh Records δεν είχε γνωρίσει επιτυχία.Όταν το κομμάτι επανηχογραφήθηκε από την "Columbia", ο Χόκινς ήταν μεθυσμένος με αποτέλεσμα μία μπλουζ, χιουμοριστική εκτέλεση, με αστεία ουρλιαχτά και άλλα εφέ.Η συγκεκριμένη εκτέλεση του έδωσε την πρώτη του επιτυχία το 1956 και τον ώθησε να ενισχύσει την εικόνα των ζωντανών του εμφανίσεων με μακάβρια σκηνικά, αφού ανέβαινε στην σκηνή μέσα σε φέρετρο, κρατώντας ένα σκήπτρο με ένα κρανίο.Υπήρξαν περιπτώσεις όπου είχε περασμένο ένα κόκκαλο στην μύτη του και κουβαλούσε δόρυ και ασπίδα.Ακολούθησαν τα σινγκλ "Hong Kong" και "Alligator Wine", χωρίς ιδιαίτερη επιτυχία.Κατά την δεκαετία του '60, σταμάτησε την ενασχόληση του με την μουσική και μετακόμισε στην Χαβάη. Επέστρεψε στις περιοδείες στα τέλη εκείνης της δεκαετίας, συνεχίζοντας μέχρι τον θάνατο του το 2000. Η τελευταία του στούντιο ηχογράφηση κυκλοφόρησε το 1998 με τίτλο "At Last".Την ίδια χρονιά, κέρδισε το βραβείο πρωτοπορίας από το Rhythm and Blues Foundation.[11] .Παράλληλα με την μουσική του καριέρα, συμμετείχε στις ταινίες "Mystery Train" και "Perdita Durango" του σκηνοθέτη Τζιμ Τζάρμους και στα τέλη της δεκαετίας του '90 μετακόμισε στην Γαλλία.Ο Χόκινς πέθανε μετά από μία επέμβαση για ανεύρυσμα στις 12 Φεβρουαρίου 2000 στο Νεϊγί-συρ-Σεν, κοντά στο Παρίσι.[14] Είχε παντρευτεί έξι φορές και υπολογιζόταν ότι ήταν πατέρας 57 παιδιών.
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Little Richard - Ready Teddy(Live 1966)

Richard Wayne Penniman (born December 5, 1932),known as Little Richard, is an American recording artist, singer and musician.Penniman is known for his dynamic blend of jump blues, gospel, New Orleans rhythm and blues and boogie-woogie as well as charismatic showmanship that led to him being one of the founding fathers of the rock and roll genre of the mid-1950s. "Ready Teddy" is a song written by John Marascalco and Robert Blackwell, and first made popular by Little Richard in 1956.Little Richard sang and played piano on the recording, backed by a band consisting of Lee Allen (tenor saxophone), Alvin "Red" Tyler (baritone sax), Edgar Blanchard (guitar), Frank Fields (bass), and Earl Palmer (drums).It has since been covered by Buddy Holly, The Tornados, Elvis Presley, Tony Sheridan and others,making it something of a rock and roll standard. The composition, an uptempo rock and roll song, received its largest ever recognition on the evening of September 9, 1956, as Elvis Presley sang it in front of some 60 million television viewers during his first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show at CBS, a broadcast which received a Trendex percentage share of 82.6, the largest ever obtained in the history of U.S. television. It was later used in Federico Fellini's La Dolce Vita (1960) as a version by Italian rocker Adriano Celentano.
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Arthur Crudup - My Baby Left Me

Arthur William "Big Boy" Crudup (August 24, 1905 – March 28, 1974)was an American Delta blues singer, songwriter and guitarist. He is best known, outside blues circles, for his songs "That's All Right" (1946),"My Baby Left Me" and "So Glad You're Mine", later recorded by Elvis Presley and other artists.
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Wilson Pickett - Stagger Lee

Wilson Pickett (March 18, 1941 – January 19, 2006) was an American singer and songwriter. A major figure in the development of American soul music, Pickett recorded over 50 songs which made the US R&B charts, many of which crossed over to the Billboard Hot 100. Among his best-known hits are "In the Midnight Hour" (which he co-wrote), "Land of 1,000 Dances", "Mustang Sally", and "Funky Broadway". Pickett was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1991, in recognition of his impact on songwriting and recording.
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Little Junior's Blue Flames - Love My Baby

Herman "Junior" Parker (March 27, 1932 – November 18, 1971)was an American Memphis blues singer and musician.He is best remembered for his voice which has been described as "honeyed" and "velvet-smooth".One music journalist noted, "For years Junior Parker deserted downhome harmonica blues for uptown blues-soul music".In 2001, he was inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame.
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