“Grandmaster Flash was hip hop in the same way Velvet Underground was punk. Or King Tubby was dub. Or Wiley was grime. They were predecessors, making the music before it even had a name."
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Wednesday, 24 July 2019 11:56

I Follow Rivers - Lykke Li

I Follow Rivers - Lykke Li (Wounded Rhymes) La Vie d'Adèle - Abdellatif Kechiche
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Tuesday, 23 July 2019 11:07

Amy Winehouse - Wake Up Alone

Amy wrote this with British producer and composer Paul O'Duffy, who is best known for producing Swing Out Sister's Grammy-nominated multi-platinum debut album, It's Better to Travel and his film score work with John Barry. Amy spent a month in O'Duffy's North London studio working on tracks for what became the Back to Black album. This was the first song recorded during the sessions and the only tune that made it onto the album.
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Wednesday, 03 July 2019 15:31


Τέχνη για Κολλημένους
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Tuesday, 02 July 2019 10:08

Thom Yorke - Not The News

Taken from the album ANIMA
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Sunday, 23 June 2019 19:44

The Raveonettes - Go on and kiss me

The Raveonettes are a Danish indie rock duo, consisting of Sune Rose Wagner on guitar, instruments and vocals, and Sharin Foo on bass, guitar and vocals. Their music is characterized by close two-part vocal harmonies inspired by The Everly Brothers coupled with hard-edged electric guitar overlaid with liberal doses of noise.Their songs juxtapose the structural and chordal simplicity of 1950s and 1960s rock with intense electric instrumentation, driving beats, and often dark lyrical content (e.g., crime, drugs, murder, suicide, love, lust, and betrayal), similar to another of the band's influences, The Velvet Underground.
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Saturday, 22 June 2019 10:48

Cypress Hill - Strictly Hip Hop

Cypress Hill is an American hip hop group from South Gate, California. Cypress Hill was the first Latino American hip hop recording group to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and platinum and multi-platinum albums, selling over 20 million albums worldwide. They are considered to be among the main progenitors of West Coast rap and hip hop in the early 1990s, being critically acclaimed for their first four albums.The band has also advocated for medical and recreational use of cannabis in the United States.
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Thursday, 20 June 2019 13:21

The Stranglers - Ice

The Stranglers are an English rock band who emerged via the punk rock scene. Scoring some 23 UK top 40 singles and 17 UK top 40 albums to date in a career spanning four decades, the Stranglers are one of the longest-surviving and most "continuously successful" bands to have originated in the UK punk scene.
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Wednesday, 19 June 2019 18:13

Brian Eno - King's Lead Hat

Brian Peter George St John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno, RDI (/ˈiːnoʊ/; born Brian Peter George Eno, 15 May 1948) is an English musician, record producer, and visual artist best known for his pioneering work in ambient music and contributions to rock, pop, electronic, and generative music. A self-described "non-musician", Eno has helped introduce a variety of conceptual approaches and recording techniques to contemporary music, advocating a methodology of "theory over practice, serendipity over forethought, and texture over craft" according to AllMusic.He has been described as one of popular music's most influential and innovative figures.
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Tuesday, 18 June 2019 11:48

Martin Rev - Mari

Martin Rev (full name Martin Reverby, born December 18, 1947) is an American musician and one half of the band Suicide. He also has a solo career and has released several solo albums for a number of labels, including ROIR and Puu. His style varies widely from release to release, from electronic no wave (Martin Rev) to bubblegum pop (See Me Ridin, Strangeworld) to heavy synthesizer rock (To Live).
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