Tuesday, 29 January 2019 10:01

Bo Diddley Mona

Ellas McDaniel (born Ellas Otha Bates, December 30, 1928 – June 2, 2008), known as Bo Diddley, was an American singer, guitarist, songwriter and music producer who played a key role in the transition from the blues to rock and roll. He influenced many artists, including Elvis Presley,the Beatles, the Rolling Stones,and the Clash.His use of African rhythms and a signature beat, a simple five-accent hambone rhythm, is a cornerstone of hip hop, rock, and pop music.In recognition of his achievements, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and received Lifetime Achievement Awards from the Rhythm and Blues Foundation and a Grammy Award from the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. He is also recognized for his technical innovations, including his distinctive rectangular guitar, with its unique booming, resonant, shimmering tones. "Mona (I Need You Baby)" is a song written by Ellas McDaniel (Bo Diddley) and was the B-side to his 1957 single "Hey! Bo Diddley".According to Diddley's obituary in The New York Times, "Mona" was a song of praise he wrote for a 45-year-old exotic dancer who worked at the Flame Show Bar in Detroit. The song also became the template for Buddy Holly's "Not Fade Away".
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Monday, 28 January 2019 10:31

Little Walter - My Babe

Marion Walter Jacobs (May 1, 1930 – February 15, 1968), known as Little Walter, was an American blues musician, singer, and songwriter, whose revolutionary approach to the harmonica and impact on succeeding generations earned comparisons for him to such seminal artists as Django Reinhardt, Charlie Parker and Jimi Hendrix.His virtuosity and musical innovations fundamentally altered many listeners' expectations of what was possible on blues harmonica.He was inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2008 in the category Sideman,the only artist to be inducted specifically as a harmonica player.
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Friday, 25 January 2019 13:16

Manfredas - Mani From The Block

I live in Vilnius, Lithuania. I run a clubnight Smala at Opium Club. Also once i did a lithuanian cover version of "Vamos ala playa" and hit number 19 in national charts. Luckily nobody knows it was me. Now i release my music on Ivan Smagghe's and Ginger Prince's new label Les Disques De La Mort. Watch your back.
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Thursday, 24 January 2019 13:03

Khidja - Indecis (Red Axes Remix)

Red Axes is a project created by Tel-Aviv based producers and DJs Dori Sadovnik and Niv Arzi. The duo has been performing together since a long time, first as members of the new wave / post punk band Red Cotton. After living in Amsterdam and traveling in Europe, the guys returned to Tel-Aviv and began an underground psychedelic electronic party series called "Break It!" which brought refreshing energy into the Tel Aviv scene . In 2009, they established a new vision and concept for all of their artistic endeavors - focusing on house, disco and techno. Several Red Axes EPs came out between 2009 and 2011. At 2012 they released “Tour de Chile” EP on I’m a Cliché and another EP on the same label - “1970”, in addition to remixes and original tracks for La Belle or Clouded Vision and Days of being wild. 2013 continued with "Silver bed" Ep at I’m a Cliché and "Caminho De Dreyfus" Ep on Correspondant along side remixes for labels such as Kill the Dj and Throne of blood . Their work in editing masterpieces and live-recordings helped them push their boundaries both as DJs and as producers. more to come this year is a track for the Treasure hunting compilation at Astro lab recordings and a remix for the classic Gina x song - No GDM on Relish recordings . Playing in Tokyo and all over europe from summer 2012 is a step further towards transcontinental recognition.
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Wednesday, 23 January 2019 16:27

Void Vision - Sour Vanzetti & Sacco Remix

Thanks to the OST of Netflix "Wild Wild Country"
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Αν η “Άχρηστη Γενιά” εξέπληξε με την αμεσότητα του Ελληνικού στίχου και η “Ζούγκλα” επιβεβαίωσε τη διάθεση της μπάντας για εξέλιξη και πειραματισμό, το “Zero Hits” έρχεται αποφασισμένο να σαρώσει τα πάντα στο διάβα του και να επιβεβαιώσει οριστικά και αμετάκλητα πως εδώ έχουμε να κάνουμε με ένα σπουδαίο συγκρότημα. Από το διονυσιακό “Έλα”, τα χαρακτηριστικά πνευστά στο “Κενό” και το κολλητικό “Φυλακή” μέχρι τα αλα Stooges περάσματα της κιθάρας και του σαξόφωνου στο αυτοβιογραφικό “Βραδυνή Βάρδια” και το βγαλμένο από τα ψυχεδελικά 60s “Αδιάφορες Ματιές”, το ”Zero Hits” παρουσιάζει τους Bazooka πιο φρέσκους και δυναμικούς από ποτέ, κάνοντας τον τίτλο του δίσκου να μοιάζει τελείως ειρωνικός. Ηχογραφημένο στο Electric Highway Studio με μηχανικό ήχου τον Γιάννη Βούλγαρη και σε παραγωγή του ίδιου του συγκροτήματος, το ”Zero Hits” ακούγεται μόνο ΔΥΝΑΤΑ. Κυκλοφορεί στις 18 Ιανουαρίου σε μαύρο και γαλάζιο βινύλιο, CD και Digital album από την Inner Ear. Bazooka: Ξάνθος Παπανικολάου, Βασίλης Τζελέπης, Γιάννης Βούλγαρης, Άρης Ράμμος
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Friday, 11 January 2019 10:36

R.I.P. - Black Leather

After several years of hammering the west coast with the blunt scythe of street-doom, R.I.P. finally committed to tape an introductory will and testament for the rest of the world to tremble to. “In the Wind” closes the casket on the trends and exhumes the notion that doom isn’t about how slow and de-tuned you can play, but about fear, death, leather and playing as heavy as possible.
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Wednesday, 09 January 2019 10:25

Leaf Hound - Sad Road To The Sea

Leaf Hound were one of the dozens of heavy rock bands that evolved during the late-'60s British blues-rock boom. Rhythm guitarist Derek Brooks and his brother, Stuart Brooks, had been in the Black Cat Bones, a South London-based band that at one time featured Free's Paul Kossoff. Vocalist Peter French and his cousin, lead guitarist Mick Halls, had been in several London groups: Switch, Erotic Eel, Joe Poe, and the Brunning Sunflower Blues Band (featuring Bob Brunning).
In the latter half of 1970, after the Black Cat Bones' lead guitarist Rod Price quit (he was heading off to join Foghat), the Brooks brothers formed a new group with Halls and French, drafting in newcomer Keith George Young on drums. This new group -- christened Leaf Hound, a name found in an anthology of stories by horror writer Herbert Van Thal -- recorded "Barbed Wire Sandwich" for Decca's Nova subsidiary in 1969, and soon were playing shows in England, reportedly blowing headliners UFO off-stage.
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Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats (written as Uncle Acid and the deadbeats or simply Uncle Acid) are an English rock band, formed in Cambridge, England, by Kevin Starrs. The band have released five albums, the most recent, Wasteland having been released in October 2018, as well as a number of singles. The band appears regularly at festivals around Europe.
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"Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting" (sometimes written "Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting)") is a song originally recorded by British musician Elton John. John composed it with his long-time song-writing partner Bernie Taupin. It was released on John's 1973 studio album Goodbye Yellow Brick Road and as the first single. The song is one of John's most critically and commercially successful singles, a No. 7 hit record in the United Kingdom. It has been covered by W.A.S.P., Flotsam and Jetsam, Nickelback (with Kid Rock and Dimebag Darrell), Queen, The Who, Fall Out Boy, Verbal Abuse, and several others.
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