Jim Burgett - Jekyll and Hyde

31 May
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Lake Tahoe saw its first rock and roll band in 1957.That was the year Jim Burgett first rented the old American Legion Hall on the South Shore and began the now legendary local teen dances.He and the band performed such favorites as “Let’s Investigate",“Jeckyll and Hyde,” “Pick-Up-A-Coupl'a-Records,” "Scene Of The Crime" and all of the rock & roll and rhythm & blues hits of the day.When he and his band first brought rockabilly tunes to the South Shore American Legion Hall at South Lake Tahoe in 1957 and packed in audiences of young people,it was the start of a life in music.Columbia Records would later take notice. In 1961 he recorded the spooky minor-key ballad, "The Living Dead" and "Let's Investigate.After a successful music career spanning over 40 years,Jim now lives and works in Las Vegas.

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