The Rockats - Go cat wild

08 Nov
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"The Rockats burst onto the music scene in the late 70’s like a breath of fresh air. Rockabilly music had laid dormant since the 1950’s, until a group of young brash Brits brought back a revitalized and re energized version to the US. The Rockats were no mere revival act or retread, they were putting a modern spin on the classic rockabilly sound, much like Stevie Ray Vaughan or the Fabulous Thunderbirds were putting their modern spin on the blues. No one had seen a standup bass in 1978 being played the way Smutty Smiff played it! Spinning it and dancing with it! With Dibbs Preston’s great rockin’ vocals, Barry Ryan and Danny Harvey twin rockabilly guitar attack, The Rockats were poised to Make That Move into the US. I remember seeing The Rockats first show in New York. I couldn't believe there were other people like me. The spirit of the Rockats captivated the audience that night and left a great impression on me. I guess we were swept away to our different paths in life and never really got to know each other well until later. Here are twelve great new tracks from the original Rockats. Still with the same spirit and savvy as they had back in 1981! Rock on, Kats, Rock on!" Brian Setzer

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