Demon Head -The Night Is Yours

17 Sep
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Danish rockers Demon Head have been around since 2012, putting forth a new full length every other year since 2015. The band’s upcoming third album Hellfire Ocean Void consists mostly of rock ‘n roll roots glossed with acoustics, keys, and a haunting production. Darker chord progressions push this disc into doom metal territory, making it heavily reflective of the scene in the ‘70s.
Thanks to the analog recording styles and the odd choices of instrumentation, there is a medieval feel to this album that makes it not only dark in content but gives off a feeling of a literal absence of light. Ancient keyboard settings in songs like “A Flaming Sea” cater heavily to the atmosphere already established by the production, and acoustic guitars make their way into almost every track. Slower doom riffs back all of this to give it some level of heaviness, keeping it from wandering too far into the dark ages. On the other hand, shifts to up-tempo rock rhythms bring on a majestic feeling.

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