Iron Maiden - Burning Ambition

28 Oct
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Οι Iron Maiden είναι heavy metal μουσικό συγκρότημα από την Αγγλία. Είναι από τους δημοφιλέστερους εκπροσώπους του είδους και ειδικά του New Wave of British Heavy Metal, για περισσότερα από τριάντα χρόνια.The B-side "Burning Ambition", recorded in November 1979 at Wessex Studios with producer Guy Edwards as a 4-piece band just prior to hiring Dennis Stratton & Clive Burr,is one of Harris' earliest compositions written around the time he was in Gypsy's Kiss. It is one of the few recordings to feature Doug Sampson on drums, and the only one released by the band (demo versions of "Wrathchild" and "Sanctuary" with Sampson on drums were released on the NWOBHM compilation album Metal for Muthas). The guitar solo in this song is played by Dave Murray.

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