The Continental Co-ets - Ebb Tide

29 Dec
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The Continental Co-ets were an American all-female rock and roll band founded in 1963 in Fulda, Minnesota.The Continental Co-ets formed in Fulda, Minnesota in 1963 and were comprised of Nancy Hofmann (bass), Mary Jo Hofmann, Vicki Steinman (drums), Carol Goins (guitar), and Carolyn Behr (guitar). They released only one single on IGL in 1965, "I Don't Love You No More," b/w “Melody of Junk” ;(the A-side was written by Goins and the B-side was a group effort) followed by "Let's Live for the Present" (Goins again) b/w "Ebb Tide" which was released by Get Hip Recordings in 1994! They gained a bit of a following in Canada and the Upper Midwest before disbanding in 1967.

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