Repetitor - U pravom trenutku

21 Nov
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REPETITOR from Belgrade, Serbia, presents their second album “Dobrodošli na okean” released November 29, 2012, finally ready to unleash its groundbreaking energy and ingenuity. The album delivers nine tracks of cross-genre ecstasy, packed in a powerful, rocking-your-guts-out interplay of instruments, vocals, and the distinctive wall of sound they create together. Attempts to find a direct musical influence may prove to be a difficult task, but an attentive listener will recognize similarities with a variety of bands, from early Mudhoney, Šarlo Akrobata, Fugazi, Sonic Youth, Pixies and early Nirvana all the way to Black Sabbath or even Suicide. That may sound irreconcilable at first, but Repetitor does it with ease and brings a sonic experience that can hardly be more enjoyable. A heavy and high-energy blend of garage rock, post-punk, and everything in between.

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