Evrydika BA2O37 - Солдат Поэт (The soldier-poet)

16 Feb
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Evrydika BA2O37 (Эвридика ВА2О37) is a Short-lived minimal synth / industrial project by Pall Nattsol, from Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

On 17/04/2016 performed live at "Sirens are back" festival at Vinylla Sky club (SPb) along with "Фивы", "Sierpien", "Культура Раны" and "ДК Посторонних". It's happened to be the only band's live appearance in its history.

The posthumous tape album was released in March 2017 by Detriti Records.

At the track "Солдат Поэт", Pall chants the poem "The soldier-poet" by the Greek poet Miltos Sachtouris.

Pall Nattsol aka Pavel Zarutskiy is a musician, poet, and poetry translator with studies in greek philosophy, from Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Has taken part in the following bands:

Grotesque Sexuality - 2008-2012, voice and lyrics

Salome's Dance - 2012-2014, bass

Эвридика ВА2О37 (as ΠΝ) - 2015-2016, voice and lyrics

Культура Раны - 2015-2017, voice and lyrics

Земля Сомнамбулы - 2016-2017, bass

Also edited "Grave Jibes Fanzine" from 2008 till 2012.

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