The Holydrug Couple - Follow Your Way

11 Mar
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THE HOLYDRUG COUPLE are from Santiago de Chile. Excellent psychedelic rock band that you really should check out!

The Couple is Ives Sepulveda : Guitars, voice, keyboard Manuel Parra: Drums and percussion.

"These songs were recorded on Friday 21 of August. We recorded and mixed and mastered on the same rainy day. We did it with a compaq notebook, with two condenser mics, a couple of guitar amps and lots of reverb and delay and phasers. A drummer friend, from another friend band, did the recording stuff. Manuel recorded the drum first and I (Ives) recorded the guitars and voices and keyboards. -- We have no official releases. -- Our first gig was in November of 2008, in a very small place with a few friends. Our last gig in August was in a lot of bigger place with a lot of more people. --Our influences goes from the sixties garage rock, progressive rock, the sixties counterculture in general (hippies, Vietnam war ..), psychedelic bands, Acid rock, krautrock too, and LSD and psylocibine of course, ahhh, and some Chilean psychedelic bands form the sixties like Los Jaivas, Los Blops or Los vidrios quebrados, they're very important."


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