Goblin Cock - We've Got a Bleeder

24 Mar
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Goblin Cock is a heavy metal band from San Diego, California started by Rob Crow of the band Pinback.

 Musically, they play a form of doom metal/drone metal with rather unusual lyrical subjects (e.g. the Snuffleupagus from the TV show Sesame Street). All members of the band have taken on stage names. The band is signed to the Absolutely Kosher record label, and was taken on tour for the first time in 2006. They played at the 20th annual South by Southwest Music Festival in Austin, TX.[1] They also performed on September 15, 2005, at the College Music Journal's annual music festival.[2]

Their first album, Bagged and Boarded, was nominated for a 2006 PLUG award for Metal Album of the Year.[3] The album cover [4] is a literal depiction of the group's name, which could also be considered a double entendre. The liner notes are written in runes

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