Necro - Dark Redemption

14 Jul
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Necronomicon from Brazil are a total old-school doom rock band who are without a doubt one of the most authentic 70's sounding bands i have ever come across.

They are very dark sounding but not like the stoner dirges of Electric Wizard or Saint Vitus, Necronomicon takes their influences and sounds from bands like Black Widow, Coven and Black Sabbath. The warm old organ sounds created by Pedro and the clean guitar sounds of Lillian are so enriched with early 70's earthiness, that this 5 tracker is like a long-lost album from the psychedelic, psych rock era. Even the vocals also made from Pedro have a classic laid back 70's groove about them that makes this band sound even more ancient than Witchcraft, Blood Ceremony and Graveyard. Obviously they are fans of music from that era, they have done a almighty job of recreating the feel of bands from that late 60's to early 70's time-frame. The question is, are they just copying a sound of old hippie rock or making their own mark on the classic sound textures of 40 years ago. I am glad to say its more the latter, Necronomicon have something that makes them unique in today's music market although their sound might be too ancient for some people.


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