Raven - Hell Patrol

17 Jul
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These 3 young Newcastle musicians (brothers John and Mark Gallagher, and Rob "Wacko" Hunter) make it clear in the album cover photo of Raven buried in their own equipment. It's a telltale story of what you will hear in the music: killer metal filled with amazing riffs and solos, outstanding crazy vocals and fast double bass drum rhythms, a style never before attempted by any other band.

 From the first song to the last, "Rock Until You Drop" rocks heavy and demonstrates whom the most outrageous NWOBHM band was in 1981. Just listening to raw tunes such as "Hell Patrol", "Nobody's Hero", the title track or the classic NWOBHM anthems "Lambs To The Slaughter", "For The Future" or "Don't Need Your Money" you realize what this band was able to do in their beginnings. Even the covers of the 70's glam rock band Sweet classics, "Hellraiser" and "Action", sound thrashy, powerful and hyperactive. "Tyrant Of The Airways" is just one of the best speed metal tunes ever released, it also in! cludes a cool instrumental part in the middle, and of course, the craziest John Gallagher's vocals on the album ("...Contaaact!!!"). "39/40" is also a remarkable short acoustic instrumental song, the only relaxing moment in the whole great metal smash.


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