King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Doom City

25 Sep
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When a band seamlessly genre hops as much as King Gizzard does, it’s hard for one to categorize them. This is part of their allure. Since their formation seven years ago, they’ve dabbled in Garage Punk, Baroque Pop, Bossa Nova, Raga Rock, and of course Psychedelic Rock. Flying Microtonal Banana, their ninth and latest release, sees the prolific Melbourne natives throwing us yet another surprise, this time coming in the form of alternate tunings: microtonal tunings to be exact, which is essentially taking the regular twelve notes per octave and doubling it to 24. It is an unusual concept in rock music and Western music in general, but one that is frequently used in India and the Middle East. The outcome of this tuning you ask? It is nine tracks of psychedelic quirkiness.

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