Sleaford Mods - Tied Up In Nottz

26 Sep
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The smell of piss is so strong It smells like decent bacon Kevin's getting footloose on the overspill Under the piss-station Two pints destroyer on the cobbled floors No amount of whatever is gonna chirp the chip up It's the final countdown, by f**kin' Journey I woke up with shit in my sock outside the Polish off-licence "They don't mind" said the arsehole to the legs You got to be cruel to be kind, shit man Save it up like Norbert Colon Release the stench of shit grub like a giant toilet Kraken The lonely life that is Tory I got an armful of decent tunes, mate But it's all so f**kin' boring Tied up in Nottz, Nottz with a Z, you c**t Black t-shirts and state toss Nobby's nuts, the rule of rough cuts A to Z of nothing gets all the shiz We are real, we are lucky, 20p in the 10p mix Crab eyes, another lonely little DJ with no f**kin' life Weetabix, England, f**kin' shredded wheat, Kelloggs c**ts On bleak shiz, on our c*ck, the green light don't stop The shit homegrown dealers of Berlin begging for lolly And it's beautiful how the privileged still let 'em in Tied up in Nottz, Shit! And then the dealer's tipped up! ...Big up the riots!

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