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31 Oct
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KaS Product is a French electronic duo. Their music has been considered part of the French cold wave and electropunk movements. Formed in 1980, the duo consists of Spatsz on electronics and rhythm machines with Mona Soyoc on guitar, vocals and piano. Spatsz worked at a psychiatric hospital previously while Mona worked with a jazz band before meeting Spatsz.Their music is done in a similar minimal electronics and vocal style akin to Suicide and Soft Cell.
30 Oct
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She Past Away is a dark wave band from Bursa, the opposite shore of the Marmara, formed by Volkan Caner (vocal/guitar) and Idris Akbulut (bass) in 2006. With the live participation of Doruk Ozturkcan in electronic drums, the band was totally shaped by the end of 2009.Clashing gothic lyrics with buzzsaw guitars, allegedly broken vocals and sensory drum effects, the band evokes the cavernous experiments of darkwave era with the likes of Fields of the Nephilim, The Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus and Suicide.After a long demo-recording session, in 2009, the duo joined to Remoov Records in which they began to work on their debut release with Süpermatik.The common characteristic of their live performances is that they combine their well-positioned rawk tunes and harsh textures with paranoia-inducing industrial visuals, which are created by Asli Narin.
28 Oct
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Post psychedelic sound with wild guitar riffs and explosive instrumental dark themes, accompanied by violins, piano, hammond, dark bass lines and pagan beats.
27 Oct
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Πρώτο live στον “Πήγασο” στα Εξάρχεια, στις 21 Φεβρουαρίου 1985. Ακολούθησαν και κάποια άλλα live, και τον Μάρτιο του ’85 το συγκρότημα κυκλοφόρησε χέρι με χέρι τις 300 κόπιες από την περιβόητη μοναδική του κυκλοφορία, την κασσέτα “Viva Voce”. Το φθινόπωρο του 1986 μετά από τέσσερις συνολικά ζωντανές εμφανίσεις, το αρχικό σχήμα παύει να υφίσταται και με την προσθήκη νέων μελών πραγματοποίησε - ως Alive She Died - την τελευταία του εμφάνιση στο Madd club, τον Μάρτιο του 1987.
26 Oct
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Based in the Rotterdam area, Dutch power trio The Machine formed in late 2007, inspired by 90’s/00’s stoner rock and with a preference for lengthy instrumentals. Since then, they delivered five and a half full-lengths, toured Europe several times and destroyed numerous ear drums.

Through the years, The Machine gradually started moving away from the psych-jams of the early days towards a more grungy and aggressive approach. Their latest effort, 2015’s “Offblast!”, is a perfect example of this still ongoing transition.

Being averse to both trends and pretense, one can only guess where The Machine will be heading next. Try to catch them live somewhere along the way.

25 Oct
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Garage Rock band formed in May 1991 in Athens, Greece. The line-up was John (vocals, 6 and 12 string Vox guitar, harmonica), Jim (Eko bass, backing vocals), Stelios (Farfisa organ, maracas, backing vocals) and Stavros (drums, tambourine). They disbanded in early 1997 but in 2009 they got back together again. The line-up is the same except for the organ, which is now handled by Stelios Askoxylakis, who replaced Stelios Drissis, who now resides in Belgium.
24 Oct
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Tony Stark makes you feel
He’s a cool exec with a heart of steel
As Iron Man, all jets ablaze
He’s fighting and smiting with repulsor rays!
Amazing armor! That’s Iron Man!
A blazing power! That’s Iron Man!
23 Oct
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Sister Nancy, aka Muma Nancy, real name Ophlin Russell, (born on 2 January 1962) is a dancehall DJ and singer. She is known to the world as the first female dancehall DJ and was described as being a "dominating female voice for over two decades" on the dancehall scene
22 Oct
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Outstanding hard rock from Canada. Freeways take influence from the hard sounds of the mid to late 1970s, showing a nod to bands like Thin Lizzy, UFO, and Blue Oyster Cult. However is is no tribute act, on Cold Front the band has already developed a strong sound of their own, and with a debut release this strong the band has a promising future!
20 Oct
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Although they are relatively new to Tucson’s growing music scene, Burning Palms are fast becoming the next local export soon be on everyone’s radar. With aesthetic roots in American gothic literature, post punk, and 60’s garage (the band cites influences ranging from Nick Cave to Bauhaus to Patti Smith and even more contemporary punk stalwarts in the late Jay Reatard), Burning Palms tiptoe the threshold of punchy psych-rock and seductive whimsy. Burning Palms’ leading force Simone Stopford (Vox, Guitars) began the band as a solo bedroom project in Sydney, Australia. Her studies led her to the Arizona desert in hopes of becoming a yoga instructor, and upon discovering the area’s vibrant music scene, she decided to stick around and assemble a gang of like minded souls. Stopford found a kindred spirit in Julia Deconcini (Vox/ Percussion) and from there added the other essential pieces to the Burning Palms puzzle.
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