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01 Oct
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"I have a wonderful life. I do pretty much what I want, and the only real problem I ever have is wondering what that is." (Brian Eno, A Year with Swollen Appendices.) It's an ambitious, some might say foolhardy, enterprise to write a comprehensive account of the life and work of Brian Peter George St John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno. If the simple abundance of the man's names doesn't deter would-be biographers, then the task of engaging with his work's sheer diversity probably will. While it's a complex enough proposition even to say what his work is, the ongoing proliferation of Eno's areas of interest and activity has only made the job progressively harder; over the years it's become more and more of a challenge to paint a coherent picture of what he does, never mind to assess how successfully he does it, and this no doubt explains why no one has managed.
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