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The Sound were an English post-punk band,formed in South London in 1979 and dissolved in 1988.They were fronted by Adrian Borland, and evolved from his previous band The Outsiders.While never commercially successful, the Sound have long been championed by critics.The Sound were formed in South London in 1979 from the remnants of the punk band the Outsiders. The original lineup of the Sound consisted of Adrian Borland (vocals, guitar) and Graham Bailey (bass guitar), both ex-Outsiders, along with Mike Dudley (drums) and Benita "Bi" Marshall (keyboard, saxophone, clarinet). While not a member, ex-Outsider Adrian Janes would contribute ideas and co-write lyrics to the Sound's music.The band split up in early 1988.Adrian Borland succumbed to symptoms of what is known as schizoaffective disorder, and committed suicide by jumping in front of a train on 26 April 1999. Bailey moved to New Orleans, where he lived for 16 years, returning to the UK in 2007. Mayers died in 1993 from an AIDS-related condition. Dudley retired from the music industry, living and working in South London."Winter" is a song from the E.P. "SHOCK OF A DAYLIGHT"(1984)
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