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19 Sep
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[...]While they do combine elements of Scandinavian folk, jazz, and Krautrock this is put together in a softer and more subtle way. This is more Progg than Prog. One of the key lessons that I think I’ve learned as part of this musical journey is that you should not discount something because of its label. I’ll admit that I’ve not been too enamoured with jazz in the past, but am getting over that and there have been a few heavily ‘jazzed’ albums that have have come to love in recent years (as well as some of the jazz classics), and this album could certainly be categorised as such. [...]This is a great album to just sit and receive, not too stuck on one style of music and just eclectic enough to make you want to put it on repeat. For me it is one of those ‘outliers’ that you get now and again that are utterly indefinable, but are just put together in a way that make a weird sort of sense and just work for all the right reasons.
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