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Slant 6 was a punk rock trio based in Washington, D.C.The group consisted of Christina Billotte (electric guitar and vocals), Myra Power (electric bass guitar and vocals), and Marge Marshall (drum set and trumpet); it formed in July 1992 following the 1991 breakup of Autoclave, in which Billotte had played. The group took their name from an in-line six-cylinder engine produced in the 1960s and 1970s by the Chrysler Corporation.Slant 6 recorded for the Dischord label and toured the United States several times, and England once. The group released two albums, 1994's Soda Pop-Rip Off and 1995's Inzombia.The group broke up in November 1995 while on tour in England.The band makes an appearance in the 1994 cult road movie Half-cocked.
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