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Thursday, 12 June 2014 13:12

Holy Wave - Night Tripper

“Deliver us from evil” – yes, but how? “Relax,” says Holy Wave.

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Friday, 06 June 2014 11:39

Boogarins - Lucifernandis

When you mock something, it's because you love it, helplessly and truly: No one understands this truth better than teenagers, particularly teenage boys. Fernando Almeida and Benke Ferraz of Boogarins were in high school when they recorded their debut, and they spend its duration lightly teasing every record in their collections, reproducing it note-perfect faithfully while tweaking its nose. Every stumbling drum fill, fuzz blurt, vocal affectation, and slightly detuned guitar chord on As Plantas Que Curam is the sound of two boys punching psych-pop in the arm, tipping its chair back with their feet because they're mad they can't stop thinking about it.

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