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Thursday, 18 January 2018 09:59

Las Grecas - Bella Kali

this is one of the most disruptive and innovative discs of Spanish music. This "Gipsy Rock" (CBS, 1974) was the first winning bet to unite flamenco with rock. Two styles that had previously been found before - we can look at some themes of groups from the 60s or the last years of Smash - here they connect in a natural way and accessible to all audiences. The Muñoz sisters made a fusion when this word was almost never used, and what is bigger, without doing it deliberately because it was what they had absorbed since they were little and they came out spontaneously. So we can hear the agitated voices of Carmela and Tina surrounded by distortions, riffs full of fuzz, wah-wah sounds of Fender Rhodes, Hendrixian echoes , percussions and other elements that make this record a true sound jewel. To carry it out, the producer of this record, José Luis de Carlos, accompanied them with a first-rate cast in which the best of the scene was at that moment: people like the guitarist and arranger Johnny Galvao, who had been component of Los Buenos and the Portuguese group Os Duques, the keyboardists Luis Cobos and Eddy Guerin, who had previously worked with Jeanette , the sound engineer Juan Vinader, who had worked with Joan Manuel Serrator the arranger Pepe Nieto, whose work was known for his work with Vainica Doble .
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Thursday, 09 November 2017 10:26

Lykantropi - Black Old Stone

From the dark woods of Värmland, Sweden, sounds slightly melancholic werewolf rock when album debutants Lykantropi delivers seventies-pop-folk-rock-doom. Enchanting female and male vocals in symbiosis consolidates the lycanthropic touch painted by diverse, catchy melodies. New, fresh, old music. Transformation is a descriptive term for the album which was recorded live in the studio and mastered by Martin Konie Ehrencrona (The Oath, In Solitude, Dundertåget). The main inspiration is found in the '70s rock, but consists of an equal part of their embracing of nature and its force, dark as light.
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Wednesday, 08 November 2017 10:56

Mammatus - Sparkling Waters Part One

On Sparkling Waters, Mammatus expand upon the astral grooves and heady riffs of their previous compositions and set a course for the furthest horizon. Celestial arpeggiations of electric guitar ricochet infinitely across vast expanses of cosmic debris. Heavy riffs thunder with a rhythmic groove, like the exploding coast of Ornia spoken of in days past. Pastoral passages of mellow, slow burning psychedelia give way to Native American flute melodies and the chanting of spiritual incantations filtered through canyons of delay. Heavenly dual guitar leads soar like a hawk gliding over a mountainside redwood canopy. Radiant synthesizers harmonize to create a shape shifting formation of ambient space that envelops the rock and in some places completely takes over.
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Friday, 20 October 2017 09:58

Burning Palms - Nightstalker

Although they are relatively new to Tucson’s growing music scene, Burning Palms are fast becoming the next local export soon be on everyone’s radar. With aesthetic roots in American gothic literature, post punk, and 60’s garage (the band cites influences ranging from Nick Cave to Bauhaus to Patti Smith and even more contemporary punk stalwarts in the late Jay Reatard), Burning Palms tiptoe the threshold of punchy psych-rock and seductive whimsy. Burning Palms’ leading force Simone Stopford (Vox, Guitars) began the band as a solo bedroom project in Sydney, Australia. Her studies led her to the Arizona desert in hopes of becoming a yoga instructor, and upon discovering the area’s vibrant music scene, she decided to stick around and assemble a gang of like minded souls. Stopford found a kindred spirit in Julia Deconcini (Vox/ Percussion) and from there added the other essential pieces to the Burning Palms puzzle.
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