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Friday, 16 February 2018 15:18

DC3 - We feel the sky

DC3 (also known as D.C. 3) was an American rock and roll band formed by singer, songwriter and guitarist Dez Cadena in 1983 and active until 1988. Cadena had been a member of California-based punk rock group Black Flag from about 1980 to 1983, first as singer, then as rhythm guitarist. 1982 was the beginning of a record distribution problem that severely curtailed Black Flag's activities. During this hiatus, Cadena formed DC3 with keyboardist Paul Roessler (formerly of LA's infamous Screamers), and drummer Jeff Dahl. Paul's younger sister, Kira, also practiced with the band early on before joining Black Flag. Their debut album, This Is The Dream, was released in 1985 on SST Records and featured a major Black Sabbath influence with very little of the hardcore or punk stylings of Black Flag. The album is particularly notable for the songs "I Believe It" and "Ain't No Time Here Now", which were originally written and played live by Black Flag and are also present on that band's The Complete 1982 Demos Plus More as "Yes I Know" (identical lyrics to the DC3 version) and "What Can You Believe" (different lyrics than the DC3 version, but nearly identical music).
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Monday, 15 January 2018 10:41

Satan's Satyrs - Germanium Bomb

Staggering out of Herndon, Virginia, like a six-legged razorback high on blood and gas fumes, Satan’s Satyrs ply the kind of doom-fuzz domination and full-tilt horror boogie that exists about a million miles outside the realm of giving a fuck. Teenage mastermind Clayton Burgess recorded and played every instrument on the band’s 2012 debut, Wild Beyond Belief!, while he was still in high school. Inspired by Blue Cheer, Electric Wizard and a slew of sleazy 60s/70s cult biker flicks like The Glory Stompers, Werewolves On Wheels and Satan’s Sadists, Burgess eventually found kindred spirits in guitarist Jarrett Nettnin and drummer Stephen Fairchild, who joined the SS fold in time to appear on last year’s Hammond-drenched brain-boiler Die Screaming.
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Wednesday, 18 October 2017 09:11

Terrible Feelings - I Don't Even Know You

Someone described the music as “Loud, dark, therapeutic, and rough around the edges” and Anton once said he played “black angst-ridden power pop.” Both quotes sum up Terrible Feelings pretty well. Place their sound somewhere in the wastelands between Wipers, Redd Kross, Ebba Grön and Murder City Devils.Terrible Feelings from Malmö, Sweden have existed since fall 2009.They sprung out of late parties, punk rock, pop, and friendship. The band has to date released three 7”s and one full length album. They’ve embarked on no less than five full European tours and two US tours (one on each coast). They’ve shared stages with bands such as Jeff the Brotherhood, White Lung, Imperial State Electric, Fucked Up, The Raveonettes, and The Babies; and were handpicked by none other than Refused as support in both Europe and Sweden on their final tour.
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Thursday, 12 October 2017 16:08

Too Young to Die - Agent Orange

Οι καλιφορνέζοι Agent Orange ήταν από τους πρώτους που έκαναν την μίξη του punk rock με την surf μουσική, με το πρώτο τους σινγκλ το 1980 το "Bloodstains". Το όνομα τους προέρχεται από το φυτοφάρμακο με διοξίνες που ψέκαζαν οι αμερικανοί στο βιετνάμ. To "To young to die" προέρχεται από τον δίσκο Living in Darkness που κυκλοφόρησαν το 1982. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I didn't expect them to know my name/Surrounding me like a black steel frame/ I saw the world go up in flames/And I just smiled and stood there, watching And it doesn't seem like this is real/That's just the way I feel/I don't know why Well I've learned from my mistakes/This time I will escape/I'm too young to die/ We're all too young to die It doesn't seem like this is real/That's just the way I feel/I don't know why Well I've learned from my mistakes/This time I will escape/I'm too young to die
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