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Friday, 02 October 2020 12:40

Sleaford Mods - Second

In the Robin Lee-directed clip, two actresses (Kate Dickie and Emma Stansfield) portray Jason Williamson and Andrew Fearn in the Mods’ early days when they frequently played pubs. The women are pitch-perfect, down to Williamson’s Fred Perry polo shirt and Fearn’s omnipresent beer. The electronic duo is known for their unorthodox stage setup — Fearn turns on the beats and shuffles in place while Williamson loses it. The actresses do just that in the video, which ends with the pair giving the real Mods the proverbial finger. “We’d forgotten about it, to be honest, until Andrew found it on his laptop,” Williamson tells Rolling Stone of the song, which asks why who you are comes in “second” to what you own. “It was recorded in early 2017 just after the English Tapas sessions… We don’t really do it now, but back in the day we would be back in the studio as soon as an album was in the can. This session was typical of that. We did about six songs if I recall. I’d rather have a proper cooling-off period these days, but there were a few good ideas in that session and this was one of them.”
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Monday, 23 September 2019 14:08

Sleaford Mods - Bang Someone Out

The Change.orgs go slow
They don't sit right, oh, dear
The door is always closed
You're thinking wrong
The righteous gobbing sincerity
And this medieval constituency
I'm just so dry, I wanna bang someone out
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Tuesday, 26 March 2019 16:40

Sleaford Mods - Discourse

Jason Williamson – “Discourse chapters that dark silence in the vaults of the unskilled worker. The acceptance of all that is horrible and endured. Moments of connection between living vessels are rare but sometimes they do pass through the wire and lives are understood for a flicker of a second.”
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ακούς βρετανική σκηνή
και λες αχ, λονδινάκι ωραίο
να πήγαινα ένα ταξιδάκι
αχ, έστω ένα μεταπτυχιακό εκεί στον βορρά
αχ, εκεί στα χάιλαντς
κι εκεί που ήδη τελειώνεις το πρώτο english breakfast tea
και πας για το δεύτερο και σ’ έχει πιάσει λιγούρα
λες δεν τρώω και κάτι
σ’ έχω την λύση “english tapas”
συνοδεύουν ευχάριστα κάθε λιγούρα σου για βρετανική αύρα
στίχοι που ευωδιάζουν βοθρίλα
περιγράφουν κάτι που είχες δει στο trainspotting
κράζουν τα γυμναστήρια (army nights)
τον μπόρις τζόνσον (moptop)
και μισούν κάθε είδους αφεντικά (bhs)
μουσική που δεν την λες και χιπ χοπ
λίγο πανκ μπορεί
οι ειδικοί ίσως την πούνε ηλέκτρο-ποστ-πανκ
αν τους έχεις δει live,
ο ένας φωνάζει κρατώντας το μικρόφωνο
ο άλλος χορεύει ενώ στο ένα χέρι κρατάει μπύρα
κι έχει το άλλο στην τσέπη του
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Tuesday, 26 September 2017 09:15

Sleaford Mods - Tied Up In Nottz

The smell of piss is so strong It smells like decent bacon Kevin's getting footloose on the overspill Under the piss-station Two pints destroyer on the cobbled floors No amount of whatever is gonna chirp the chip up It's the final countdown, by f**kin' Journey I woke up with shit in my sock outside the Polish off-licence "They don't mind" said the arsehole to the legs You got to be cruel to be kind, shit man Save it up like Norbert Colon Release the stench of shit grub like a giant toilet Kraken The lonely life that is Tory I got an armful of decent tunes, mate But it's all so f**kin' boring Tied up in Nottz, Nottz with a Z, you c**t Black t-shirts and state toss Nobby's nuts, the rule of rough cuts A to Z of nothing gets all the shiz We are real, we are lucky, 20p in the 10p mix Crab eyes, another lonely little DJ with no f**kin' life Weetabix, England, f**kin' shredded wheat, Kelloggs c**ts On bleak shiz, on our c*ck, the green light don't stop The shit homegrown dealers of Berlin begging for lolly And it's beautiful how the privileged still let 'em in Tied up in Nottz, Shit! And then the dealer's tipped up! ...Big up the riots!
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