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Friday, 27 December 2019 16:54

The Vikings - Francoise

Το συγκρότημα Vikings δημιούργησε, στα τέλη του 1965, στα εφηβικά του χρόνια, μαζί με φίλους του, ο μετέπειτα γνωστός λαϊκός δημιουργός, Αντώνης Βαρδής. Το συγκρότημα άφησε το στίγμα του με δύο υπέροχα slow που αγαπήθηκαν και αντέχουν στα χρόνια: Francoise, δημιουργία του Αντώνη Στεφανίδη και Catherine, σύνθεση του Βαρδή. Στη συνέχεια ο Βαρδής, 20-30 χρονών, δουλεύει στην Πλάκα σαν μουσικός σε διάφορες μπουάτ, δίπλα σε καταξιωμένους συναδέλφους, συνθέτες και τραγουδιστές.
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Thursday, 26 December 2019 19:58

Barbara Lynn - It's Better To Have It

Barbara Lynn (born Barbara Lynn Ozen, later Barbara Lynn Cumby, January 16, 1942) is an American rhythm and blues and electric blues guitarist, singer and songwriter.She is best known for her R&B chart-topping hit, "You'll Lose a Good Thing" (1962). In 2018, Lynn received the National Heritage Fellowship.
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Wednesday, 25 December 2019 11:04

Elvis Presley - Blue Christmas

Ο Έλβις Άαρον Πρίσλεϊ (αγγλικά: Elvis Aaron Presley‎, 8 Ιανουαρίου 1935 - 16 Αυγούστου 1977), ευρύτερα γνωστός και απλά ως Έλβις, ήταν Αμερικανός τραγουδιστής, μουσικός και ηθοποιός. Γνωστός ως "ο Βασιλιάς της Ροκ εν Ρολ" ή απλώς "ο Βασιλιάς", θεωρείται ως ένας από τους μεγαλύτερους καλλιτέχνες του 20ου αιώνα.
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Tuesday, 24 December 2019 18:09

The Ronettes - Sleigh Ride

The Ronettes were an American girl group from New York City. One of the most popular groups of the 1960s, they placed nine songs on the Billboard Hot 100, five of which became Top 40 hits. The trio from Spanish Harlem, New York,consisted of lead singer Veronica Bennett (later known as Ronnie Spector), her older sister Estelle Bennett, and their cousin Nedra Talley. Among the Ronettes' most famous songs are "Be My Baby", "Baby, I Love You", "(The Best Part of) Breakin' Up", and "Walking in the Rain", all of which charted on the Billboard Hot 100. "Walking in the Rain" won a Grammy Award in 1965, and "Be My Baby" was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1999.The Ronettes were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2007. The girls had sung together since they were teenagers, then known as "The Darling Sisters". Signed first by Colpix Records in 1961, they moved to Phil Spector's Philles Records in March 1963 and changed their name to "The Ronettes". In late 1964, the group released their only studio album, Presenting the Fabulous Ronettes Featuring Veronica, which entered the Billboard charts at number 96. Rolling Stone ranked it number 422 on its list of The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.The group was inducted into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame in 2004. The Ronettes were the only girl group to tour with the Beatles.
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Monday, 23 December 2019 13:57

Neil Levang - Ghost Riders In The Sky

Neil Levang (January 3, 1932 – January 26, 2015) was an American musician who was best known from television's The Lawrence Welk Show, playing guitar, violin and banjo.
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Friday, 20 December 2019 14:35

Grace Jones - Love Is The Drug

Grace Jones recorded "Love Is the Drug" for her Warm Leatherette album from 1980. The track was released as the second single, following "A Rolling Stone" in the UK while it was the first single to be released in Germany. After failing to chart in 1980, a remix of the Grace Jones version was released in 1986 following the 1985 compilation Island Life and then became a minor hit in the UK, peaking at no. 35. Music video was produced for the 1986 remix and directed by Matt Forrest and Bruno Tilley
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Thursday, 19 December 2019 17:47

Boy Harsher — Pain

Boy Harsher is a minimal synth duo that produces dance beats infused with ethereal vocals. The music created is somewhere between electro dance, synth-pop and confessional storytelling. Boy Harsher started in early 2013 under the name Teen Dreamz. The project was based on short stories written and read by Matthews then live scored by Muller. In January of 2014 Teen Dreamz took on the moniker Boy Harsher.
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Wednesday, 18 December 2019 16:06

Khruangbin - Cómo Te Quiero

“The video is about Laura Lee’s Mexican-American grandfather, Joseph Guillermo Ochoa, to whom ‘Con Todo El Mundo’ is dedicated. He’s the person who gave Laura Lee her vivid imagination, who taught her how playful the world can be,” says Sanam Petri, the video’s Creative Director. “In the last days of his life, he saw visions, as if he was in a different dimension. Laura Lee always wondered what the world looked like in those last days, what was happening behind his eyes. We made the video to take the viewer on that last journey with him, back through his mind one last time. One last great adventure of a grandfather and granddaughter. The animation style is taken from the covers of Mexican matchboxes which, as a dedicated smoker, we think Joseph himself would’ve appreciated.”
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Tuesday, 17 December 2019 15:47

Incirrina-A Little Girl Lost

Incirrina is a Greek band formed in September 2017 by George K. (synthesizers,samples, drum machine, vocals) and Irini T. (synthesizers,vocals).Their music combines elements of dark/minimal wave,electronic,ambient and experimental. They have been inspired by William Blake and they have set to music a selection of his poems.
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Tuesday, 17 December 2019 15:47

The Machine - Infinity

Based in the Rotterdam area, Dutch power trio The Machine formed in late 2007, inspired by 90’s/00’s stoner rock and with a preference for lengthy instrumentals. Since then, they delivered five and a half full-lengths and toured Europe several times. Through the years, The Machine gradually started moving away from the psych-jams of the early days towards a more grungy and aggressive approach.
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