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"Hot Patootie – Bless My Soul" is the seventh song in The Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack and is sung by Eddie, an ex-delivery boy. It expresses Eddie's love for 'Saturday night' rock and roll and a past love that was (presumably Columbia) his girlfriend. A chorus of Transylvanians sing background vocals; Phantoms have this responsibility in the stage play. Eddie rides out of the freezer on his frozen motorcycle to Columbia's surprise and glee while Dr. Frankenfurter stands protectively near his creation Rocky's side. It does not end well for Eddie yet he is determined to finish his ode to rock and roll. The song also appears on Meat Loaf's Live Around the World album.
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Saturday, 06 April 2019 21:20

Aleka’s Attic - In The Corner Dunce

Aleka's Attic were an alternative folk/rock band from Gainesville, Florida, formed by River Phoenix and his sister Rain.he original line up of Aleka's Attic included River as lead singer and played guitar; his younger sister Rain sang, but, contrary to many incorrect reports, did not play keyboards in the band (although she did play various percussion, such as tambourine); Tim Hankins played viola; Josh McKay was the bass player; Josh Greenbaum, a friend of River’s from Florida, was the drummer. About choosing the band's name, "Aleka's a fictional poet philosopher who gathered friends in his attic to discuss his ideas, when Aleka dies they form a band to share his beliefs with others through music". River was offered to sign a two-year development deal with Island Records to develop the band and record a marketable album, which was not accomplished in the time allotted due to River's ongoing film work schedule. So Island, retaining the option to continue or not, opted out of the deal based on the non-marketability of River's newer material. River then decided to record an album independently for the band. The group disbanded in 1993.
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Friday, 05 April 2019 13:55

Nirvana - Sappy

"Μπορείς να ζεις χωρίς να κοιμάσαι καθόλου,επειδή φοβάσαι ότι αν αποκοιμηθείς θα χάσεις το σώμα και την ψυχή σου?Μπορείς να ζεις με την αίσθηση ότι είσαι η σκιά κάποιου άλλου και να νομίζεις ότι υπάρχεις μόνο στη φαντασία ενός μικρού αγοριού που είναι προορισμένο να γίνει rock star,το καταραμένο είδωλο μιας ολόκληρης γενιάς?Μέσα από τα μάτια του Homer Boda Alienson,του φανταστικού φίλου του αρχηγού των Nirvana,στον οποίο μάλιστα απηύθυνε και το αποχαιρετιστήριο γράμμα του πριν αυτοκτονήσει,μεταφερόμαστε στο ποιητικό και καταστροφικό σύμπαν του Kurt Cobain.........." Τομάζο Πίντσιο,"Kurt Cobain,Καταραμένο είδωλο"
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Lee Mark Ranaldo (born February 3, 1956) is an American musician, singer-songwriter, guitarist, writer, visual artist and record producer, best known as a co-founder of the alternative rock band Sonic Youth. In 2004, Rolling Stone ranked Ranaldo at number 33 on its "Greatest Guitarists of All Time" list.[1] In May 2012, Spin published a staff selected top 100 guitarist list, ranking Ranaldo and his Sonic Youth bandmate Thurston Moore together at number 1.
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Wednesday, 03 April 2019 11:22

Psychic TV - Roman P.

Psychic TV (also referred to as PTV, Psychick TV, as well as several other aliases) is an English experimental video art and music group, formed by performance artist Genesis P-Orridge and video director Peter Christopherson in 1981 after the break-up of Throbbing Gristle.Contributors to Psychic TV have included artists such as Coil, Current 93, Hafler Trio, The Cult, Soft Cell, Fred Giannelli, Master Musicians of Jajouka, William Breeze, Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson, Derek Jarman, John Gosling, Timothy Leary, Rose McDowall and Andrew Weatherall, Larry Thrasher and Z'EV.Psychic TV was influential in pioneering the acid house genre, releasing several albums as fake compilations, such as Jack the Tab and Tekno Acid Beat, as well as several under the Psychic TV banner."Roman P" is a song by Psychic TV about director Roman Polanski.
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"The Black Angel's Death Song" is a song by the Velvet Underground, from their 1967 debut album The Velvet Underground & Nico. It was written by Lou Reed and John Cale. In a footnote to the lyrics, Lou Reed wrote: "The idea here was to string words together for the sheer fun of their sound, not any particular meaning. According to Cale, Sterling Morrison refused to play bass on the song because he disliked having to play it on "Venus in Furs",hence, Cale overdubbed the bassline while Morrison stuck to his usual guitar. In late 1965 Al Aronowitz arranged for the Velvets to play at the Café Bizarre in Greenwich Village for a fortnight in December 1965;[5] while there they played a "furious" version of "Black Angel's Death Song"; the manager ordered them not to play that song again, to which the band responded by playing it again "with a vengeance", and were sacked.
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Thursday, 28 March 2019 19:12

50 Words For Snow - Kate Bush

50 Words for Snow is the tenth studio album by English singer-songwriter Kate Bush. It is the second album released on her own label, Fish People. It was Bush's first all-new studio album since Aerial.
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Wednesday, 27 March 2019 14:21

N.W.A. - Express Yourself

N.W.A was an American hip hop group from Los Angeles, California. They were among the earliest and most significant popularizers and controversial figures of the gangsta rap subgenre, and are widely considered one of the greatest and most influential groups in the history of hip hop music
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Tuesday, 26 March 2019 16:40

Sleaford Mods - Discourse

Jason Williamson – “Discourse chapters that dark silence in the vaults of the unskilled worker. The acceptance of all that is horrible and endured. Moments of connection between living vessels are rare but sometimes they do pass through the wire and lives are understood for a flicker of a second.”
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Monday, 18 March 2019 14:30

Brocas Helm - Cry of The Banshee

Brocas Helm was founded in 1982 by Bobbie Wright, James Schumacher, Jack Hays and John Grey. In 1983, the band released their first demo. In 1984 they released their first album Into Battle on First Strike Records. Soon following the album was licensed to Steamhammer for distribution in Europe. After some disagreements (for example, the cover of "Into Battle" was determined without the consent of the band) Brocas Helm and First Strike Records agreed to end their relationship.
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