Saturday, 22 August 2020 15:44

Messer Chups - Twin Peaks Twist

Messer Chups is an experimental band from St. Petersburg, Russia. The band was founded by Oleg Gitarkin who had previously performed with Oleg Kostrow under the name of Messer für Frau Müller. Messer Chups is often considered a "spin-off" band of Messer für Frau Müller. The band was originally a duo of Gitarkin on bass guitar and Annette Schneider who played the synths. During 2000–2002 Messer Chups consisted of Gitarkin and Igor Vdovin on synth. In 2003, the producer of Messer Chups and head of their home label Solnze Records, Oleg Tarasov, invited the world famous theremin player Lydia Kavina to join them. Together they have released several albums and reworked their previous releases. In 2005, Messer Chups became a duo consisting of Gitarkin and ZombieGirl on bass. In 2007, they became a trio, with drummer Denis "Kashey" Kuptzov from the famous band Leningrad. In 2008, they changed their drummer to Alexander Belkok, and Alexander Skvortzov became their vocalist. Messer Chups' music often features a foundation of surf drums on which they build collages of samples from odd sources, like jazz, east European animation soundtracks, and American B-pictures. On top of that they play guitar solos and the theremin. The group's album "The Incredible Crocotiger" was used as the soundtrack for the dating sim Monster Prom
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Thursday, 20 August 2020 20:09

La Luz - "Mean Dream"

La Luz is an American rock band from Los Angeles, founded in 2012 by Shana Cleveland, Marian Li Pino, Alice Sandahl, and Lena Simon. La Luz has received critical acclaim following the release of three studio albums It's Alive, Weirdo Shrine, and Floating Features on Hardly Art. La Luz is known for their "surf noir" style with layered vocal harmonies. Their energetic live shows often include Soul Train-inspired dance contests and crowd surfing.
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Wednesday, 19 August 2020 17:57

The Courtneys - Silver Velvet

The Courtneys is a Canadian indie rock band formed in Vancouver, British Columbia in 2010. The band is composed of Sydney Koke (bass, vocals), Courtney Loove (guitar, vocals), and Jen Twynn Payne (drums, lead vocals).
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The Danse Society are an English gothic rock band, formed in Barnsley in 1980. They were originally active until 1987, reforming in 2011. They achieved moderate success during their career. Their lineup included Steve Rawlings (vocals), Paul Nash (guitar), Lyndon Scarfe (keyboards), Timothy "Bez" Wright (bass guitar) and Paul Gilmartin (drums). Scarfe was replaced by David Whitaker (formerly of Music for Pleasure) after the Heaven Is Waiting album.
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Οι "ΕΞΟΡΙΣΤΟΙ" δημιουργήθηκαν το καλοκαίρι του 1989 από τον συνθέτη και κιθαρίστα Δημήτρη Κατή, ο οποίος ξεκίνησε να ασχολείται με αυτού του είδους τη μουσική το 1984, στα Βριλήσσια. Τρία χρόνια αργότερα, ο Δ.Κατής βγάζει το δικό του δίσκο, με τίτλο "Δωριείς – Επιστροφή στη Γη", έναν ορχηστρικό δίσκο με επικό – συμφωνικό ροκ ύφος. Μετά από λίγους μήνες, ο Κατής διαμορφώνει τους Εξόριστους, με μέλη αυτά που συμμετείχαν στους "Δωριείς". Το 1989 η μπάντα κυκλοφορεί το ομότιτλο ντεμπούτο της, έναν heavy metal δίσκο με τον Χρήστο Αβράμη στα φωνητικά. Κομμάτια του δίσκου όπως "Δόξα και τιμή", "Κάνω μια ευχή" και "Σύνορα παντού" θεωρούνται κλασσικές επιτυχίες του συγκροτήματος.
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Saturday, 08 August 2020 16:21

Dave Brubeck - Golden Brown

David Warren Brubeck (/ˈbruːbɛk/; December 6, 1920 – December 5, 2012) was an American jazz pianist and composer, considered one of the foremost exponents of cool jazz. Many of his compositions have become jazz standards including "In Your Own Sweet Way" and "The Duke". Brubeck's style ranged from refined to bombastic, reflecting both his mother's classical training and his own improvisational skills. His music is known for employing unusual time signatures as well as superimposing contrasting rhythms, meters, and tonalities.
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Friday, 07 August 2020 16:47

Tracey Ullman - Breakaway

Tracey Ullman (born Trace Ullman; 30 December 1959) is a British-American actress, comedian, singer, writer, producer, and director. Her earliest appearances were on British television sketch comedy shows A Kick Up the Eighties (with Rik Mayall and Miriam Margolyes) and Three of a Kind (with Lenny Henry and David Copperfield). After a brief singing career, she appeared as Candice Valentine in Girls on Top with Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders.
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Thursday, 06 August 2020 16:09

The Crickets - Teardrops Fall Like Rain

The Crickets were an American rock and roll band from Lubbock, Texas, formed by singer-songwriter Buddy Holly in the 1950s. Their first hit record, "That'll Be the Day", released in 1957, peaked at number three on the Billboard Top 100 chart on September 16. The sleeve of their first album, The "Chirping" Crickets, shows the band lineup at the time: Holly on lead vocals and lead guitar, Niki Sullivan on rhythm guitar, Jerry Allison on drums, and Joe B. Mauldin on bass. The Crickets helped set the template for subsequent rock bands, such as the Beatles, with their guitar-bass-drums lineup and the talent to write most of their own material. After Holly's death in 1959 the band continued to tour and record with other band members into the 21st century.
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Wednesday, 05 August 2020 14:57

Ronny and the Daytonas - Sandy

Ronny & the Daytonas were an American surf rock group of the early 1960s, whose members included John "Bucky" Wilkin (aka Ronny) (songwriting, guitar, vocals), Paul Jensen (vocals, guitar), Thomas Ramey (bass, guitar), Lynn Williams (drums), and Lee Kraft (guitar), with contributions from others such as Larry Butler (organ), Ronny Clark, and Buzz Cason.
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Anna Marie Wooldridge (August 6, 1930 – August 14, 2010), known professionally as Abbey Lincoln, was an American jazz vocalist, songwriter, and actress. She was a civil rights activist beginning in the 1960s.Lincoln made a career not only out of delivering deeply felt presentations of standards but writing and singing her own material.
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