Sortilège - Sortilège

07 Oct
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Sortilege is part of group of bands that started playing heavy metal in France in the early 80s. The band was founded at that time by the Dumont brothers (guitars and drums) under the name “Blood Wave” and when Christian “Zouille” Augustin joined them as a lead singer, they took the name Sortilege (which means spell). Around 1982 they had already made a name for themselves in Paris’s metal scene, by releasing their first demo tape which included 4 songs, two of which where early versions of “Sortilege” and “Metamorphose”, as well as an incredible version of “Delire D’Un Fou”, in which Augustin keeps climbing the notes without even catching his breath. The demo starts with the band’s same named song and shows it has a pure influence in it’s metal music by the Lords of the scene; such as Priest and Maiden and a definite characteristic the band has even for the years to come is Zouille’s unbelievable vocals.

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