The Space Agency - Bombay Potatoes

01 Sep
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Formed in 2002 by ex Vibrasonic member Simon Jones from England, Hiromi Jones from Japan & Andrew Bowler from Wales, they have released 5 albums on their own label Tremolo Records - self titled 1st album 2003, Galactic Guitars 2004, Kaleidoscopic Sounds 2005, Galactic Guitars - best of The Space Agency compilation in 2012 and their first 12" Vinyl album The Celestial Sounds of The Space Agency was released in July 2020, all featuring their unique, out of this world Instrumental Sounds. Also released on Market Square Records in 2013 Bombay Potatoes/Purple Power vinyl 7". 7" Inch Single The Devil's Saddle/Tiger Paw Released October 2016 on Tremolo Records.

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