Universe 217 - Mouth

14 Mar
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Universe217 is one of the most vibrant heavy acts in Greece nowadays, with lots of gigs across the country and steadily frequent record releases. The band’s impressive performance on stage (whether it’s live shows with other Greek bands, festival slots or supporting international artists like Amenra, Anathema, Madder Mortem, Om, Saint Vitus, Scott Kelly, Wovenhand, Karma To Burn etc) has earned them an excellent reputation as a live act.

 Up to now, the band has released 2 full-length CDs (“Universe217” – 2007, “Familiar Places” – 2011), an EP (“II” – 2009) and a 7’’ vinyl split-single with Lucky Funeral (2009), with the new album “Never” being the most recent addition in its discography.

The down-tempo music style marks the spot where doom metal meets influences derived from more experimental or melodic forms of the rock sound spectrum, sometimes leading even to sonic outbursts which ignore the rules about perfect musicianship. If you combine this characteristic with the dynamic voice of singer Tanya (she is one of the best female rock singers in Greece, and in this album she sounds more mature and flexible than ever before), you get a result where the band’s sound is just the vehicle by which the listener experiences an atmosphere where he is “forced” to face uncomfortable emotional states, like when things are getting out of hand, when all control is lost, and the expectation of an ecstatic delirium seems to be the only way out.


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