Kikagaku moyo - Zo No Senaka

04 Jun
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Oh what's happening, wonder why KIKAGAKU MOYO have played stuffs easy to understand.
I've got blown by their weird Kraut-ish Oriental edges when I listened to their first single for the first time. The unrefined, non-united atmospheric aggression might squeeze something comfortable into my brain. No objection to say they play acid folk with strong Kosmische initiation upon this EP indeed, but simultaneously I guess they might grab more of folksy acidity with mainstream-y tips.

Fantastic wet, foggy airsound has been created by gracious female voices (sensual, dangerous traps in a sense) based upon specific ethnic freakout psychic folksy agents launched with sitar, theremin, and deep guitars, percussive drums. Quite dreamy especially for acid folk freaks on the psychedelic ground like me. On the contrary, smooth and simple spherical sound body, that can be digested easily in general, should not satisfy Krautrock adherents enough, sad to say.
Oh yes let me say the fourth track "Lazy Stoned Monk" (what a fascinating title!) has completely reminded me eccentricity of 'real Kosmischemuzik' ... quiet but explosive underground beats based upon bubbled synth lesions / mellow guitar riffs, and weird obscurity with dark matter can be called as surrealistic Geometry methinks. Not simply lazy but powerful with strong intention to invade my mind space. This enthusiasm is what I want really.
Got unified compactly upon a part, but such a meditative wave can make us dream that we can grab more hypnotic, more mysterious, more addictive smoke agents particularly on stage. Amazing.


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