Pinocchio and the Puppets - Fusion

15 Jun
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This record is most definately my favourite find of 2012 and I'm delighted to add it to my collection. When The Teddy Boys were either dropped by their label or simply decided to try something mind blowingly psychedelic with a different name, they came up with this impressive two sided instrumental.

'Fusion' is perhaps what it suggests in the title. It's a fusion of western rock music with eastern raga, a heady combination when you hear the results. The flip 'Cowboys and Indians' is another fine psychedelic piece, this time with a surf guitar riff. An absolute killer of a 45 in my opinion.
After this one-off release on Mercury the group changed their name to Mortimer and had some success with a couple of singles and an album on Philips.
Both sides of the disc were arranged by Lou Adessa. I did a little research on the latter and he was responsible or at least co-wrote two Flower Bomb Songs worthy tunes that were recorded by The Cyrkle and Paul Revere and the Raiders. His songs 'Camero' and 'SS 396' were manufactured by Columbia Records and supplied to Chevrolet Car Dealers and given free to customers who test drove the new 1967 Camero......"The Swinging Chevy Circle".....


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