Gwydion Pendderwen - The Sungod

01 Jul
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Gwydion was born Thomas deLong on May 21 (or 22), 1946 in California. When he was just 13, he met and became a student of the blind seer and poet Victor Anderson of Feri Tradition and Gwydion became highly influential in establishing this tradition. In college, he majored in theater, displaying a real talent for storytelling.

Neo-Paganism was exploding in the 70's and in 1975 Gwydion released his first recording, Songs of the Old Religion. It included songs for the Sabbats and love songs to the God and Goddess. It brought Gwydion fame and standing in the Pagan community.

Deeply interested in the Celtic culture, Gwydion traveled to the British Isles in 1976. The trip had a profound influence on him. He met several important figures in the Wiccan movement, including Alex Saunders and Stuart Farrar, made pilgrimages to Ireland and Wales where he was honored for his music.

Gwydion returned to California, quit his job, and purchased a plot of the Greenfield Ranch in Mendocino County. He called Annwfn, after the Welsh underworld. In 1982, he released his second and final recording, The Faerie Shaman. Gwydion was killed in a car accident that same year. He was only 36.


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