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10 Oct
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A lovely new release from Yota and NewRetroWave Records that is a Networked Label that is dedicated to promoting the BEST and INNOVATIVE sounds in Synthwave and the Retrowave scene (encompassing 80s-90s charged music).
09 Oct
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Raskolnikov is a French-Swiss rock band, formed in 2015 in Geneva.

Raskolnikov play dark and torn hypnotic music and gets its name from the main character of Dostoevski's «Crime and Punishment».

The band began by recording and auto-producing their debut 7 tracks album, «Hochmut kommt vor dem Fall» in June 2016. It has been released on 18th October 2017 by the label Manic Depression records.

08 Oct
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"The New Cult duo For The New Subculture" is what someone said at the album release gig. (Berlin) The mix of the eccentric, pure and provocative attitude of Petra Flurr with the anti-thesis concept of Modernista clearly influenced by the basic and fine electronics from the early and wicked times, making reference and highlighting why is one of the most innovator duo of the current underground.
06 Oct
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Ste from the reggae-dub band Kako Synapantima and Lazer from Studio 10, released the album Lo Fi Dubs via Mountaindub music collective (Thessaloniki, Greece).
05 Oct
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Producer, composer, songwriter, Xarah Dion is a key player in the postpunk & darkwave scene in Montreal.
04 Oct
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Archimedes Badkar is a Swedish experimental fusion band that released four albums during the 1970s. They were based in Vaxholm and featured rock, jazz and folk musicians from the cream of the Swedish underground. Their music incorporated elements of ethnic music (Swedish folk, Balkan, Turkish, Indian, Tibetan and African, etc.), jazz, rock, and folk, bridging many styles and genres from jazz-rock through to pure avant-garde. Well-known world music maverick Bengt Berger joined during the recording of their first LP and later took a few of the musicians to form his Bitter Funeral Beer Band. Their fourth album was out of character with the earlier ones being a direct collaboration with members of the band Afro 70.
03 Oct
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Maureen Ann "Moe" Tucker (born August 26, 1944) is an American musician and singer who was the drummer for the New York City-based rock band the Velvet Underground.
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