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28 May
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Αφρικανός Έλληνας MC Πρέπει πάντοτέ να ξηγηθεί Στην γιαγιά και στον αστυνομικό Ότι εδώ πέρα έχω γεννηθεί
25 May
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Vanilla Fudge is an American rock band known predominantly for their slow extended heavy rock arrangements of contemporary hit songs, most notably "You Keep Me Hangin' On". The band's original line–up — vocalist and organist Mark Stein, bassist and vocalist Tim Bogert, lead guitarist/vocalist Vince Martell, and drummer and vocalist Carmine Appice — recorded five albums during the years 1967–69, before disbanding in 1970. The band is currently touring with three of the four original members: Stein, Martell, and Appice with Pete Bremy on bass as Bogert retired in 2009. The band has been cited as "one of the few American links between psychedelia and what soon became heavy metal."[4] Vanilla Fudge also is known to have influenced other major bands such as The Nice, Deep Purple, Yes, Styx, Led Zeppelin, and Uriah Heep.
23 May
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US group from Brooklyn, NY. Members: William "Sonny" Forrest(Lead), Sammy Strain(First Tenor), Billy Sutton(Second Tenor), Freddy Warner(Baritone), Larry Lawrence(Bass)
22 May
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Dee Dee Sharp (born Dione LaRue, September 9, 1945, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States is an American R&B singer, who began her career recording as a backing vocalist in 1961.
21 May
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The Invisible Surfers formed in 1996 by Alex Berekos, right after the disband of the Greek Rockabilly band The Blue Jeans. Have shared the stage with the likes of The Cramps, Marky Ramone, ? Mark & The Mysterians, The Fuzztones, Dead Moon etc, while headlining their own shows, in and around every corner. Sound-wise, The Invisible Surfers are not just Surf. Fifties Rockabilly, Surf, Punk, traditional Greek music, it's al in there!
20 May
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Robert Gordon grew up in Bethesda, Maryland. At the age of nine, he was greatly inspired by the Elvis Presley song "Heartbreak Hotel" playing on radio and decided to pursue a career as a Rock & Roll musician at that young age. His influences included Gene Vincent, Jack Scott, Billy Lee Riley, Eddie Cochran and other notable rock 'n roll music artists of the period. He made his recording debut at age 17 in 1964 with a group called the Confidentials. The Confidentials, with Robert (called Bob at the time) as the singer, recorded the songs "Summertime," "Money," and "There is Something on Your Mind," among others on acetate phonograph discs. When asked how he related to the 1960s, Robert replied "I didn't." He didn't care much for the British Invasion but he identified with soul singers such as James Brown and Otis Redding whom he saw, among other great R&B acts, performing at Washington DC's famous Howard Theatre. During the turbulent times of the late 1960s, with the rioting and antiwar protests of the period, Robert served in the National Guard in Washington, D.C. "I didn't want to be sent to Vietnam," he recalls.
19 May
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THE MONGRELETTES are a female(majority) garage band (4 gals+1 guy) based in Athens, GR. Their first meetings as a band took place in October 09. Their sound is mostly influenced by the mid 60s american and english scenes, as well as other strong sources such as greek and french 60s pop stuff and a variety of other revivals of the garage sound from the 80s until today.
16 May
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Void Lust is the solo project of Z.V. from Riverside, California. He is moving through Electronic, Rock, Darkwave, New Wave, Synth-pop, and Synthwave.
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