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18 Oct
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From the cradle of the western civilization,Greece, comes an exciting new group called The B-Sides. This talented group of youngsters hails from Athens,and their music is a perfect mix of moody tunes and US primitive 66 punk. Led by Farfisa-master Apostolos Stragalinos,who's behind most of their own song material,this 5-piece combo also consists of Maria Gianniou who's lead vocals provides the band with a totally unique wylde sound. Panos Ramone(Drums)and Lefteris Galanis(Bass) stand for the solid beat,and John Fragoulis who together with Maria also contributes to the songwriting,is behind the twangy Fuzz-guitar element! Regardless of what your kind of favorite music is,their debut album "On the Out-Side",gives you a whole prisma of what garage music is all about.From the moody to the groovy!!The album also consists of some well choosen covers that the crew interpretates with new enthusiasm and wild performance. So put this piece of vinyl on your record player,turn the volume up,sit back and be prepared....Here's the B-Sides. Jens Lindberg,Stockholm,December 2008
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