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Unovidual(Henk Wallays)is an Electronic independent home tape music.

Co-founder of the 3rio tape label with Magisch theater and Dirk Ivens (Absolute Body control).

Collaborated among other with Tara Cross, Magisch Theater & Saunetic Fraction (Michel Madrange).

Member of the Micrart Group, played also in the band Tangible Joy and has issued songs as Metal thought: 'Easy touch on silky skin' (Contactdisc 3) and Low Class: Aliennation ballad (on 1994 album).

Tara Cross was born in 1957, her interest in music awakes at age 13 when she begins to play the guitar. Later on she experiments with an Electro-Harmonix mini synthesizer and a primitive drum box. She finishes her studies at the Hunter College of New York, where she majors in Music and Psychology, yet she decides not to pursue her musical studies in an academic institution, since her primary interest is centered in the performing arts, and she joins different groups in this period. To her, the world of academic music does not really matter. Despite the opposition of her family, she devotes her time to her musical career, focusing her efforts in a very unconventional, experimental kind of music. She herself produces, composes, and performs her own works, acts as her own public relations, takes care of the administrative and secretarial work, etc. Besides, she has had different jobs -ranging from librarian to shop assistant and typist, among other things, even though her favorite job is related to cosmetology.

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