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09 Aug
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Selofan is a death-inspired love-story. The duo was formed 2012 in Athens. From the beginning they created their own musical enviroment and every time they offer us a glimbse into it, we become overwhelmed by the emotional intensity of their sound and words. In the last seven years they gave us five studio albums, each one of them possesing its own unique identity. Selofan avoid the comfort of settling in one sound style and just keep experimenting. Dreamy saxophone melodies find their way through strong drum machine beats, a new wave bass riff and powerfull haunted female vocals, singing or storytelling in different languages and presenting themselves in such a theatrical way, that each live performance is emotionally overwhelming. Selofan have their own musical and aesthetical identity, underlined by their artwork and videos and are meanwhile a household name among the fans of the genre.
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