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Thursday, 05 July 2018 12:48

Alice Cooper - I'm Eighteen

"Σκίσαμε τρία ή τέσσερα μαξιλάρια και ψεκάσαμε τα πούπουλα με δοχεία που είχαν CO2 και τα ανατινάξαμε προς το κοινό" θυμάται ο Κούπερ. "Εν μέσω αυτής της χιονοθύελλας των φτερών και τους ήχους της κιθάρας, συνέβη αυτό ... Κάποιος από το κοινό πέταξε ένα ζωντανό κοτόπουλο στη σκηνή". "Είμαι από το Ντιτρόιτ. Δεν είχα βρεθεί ποτέ σε φάρμα. Απλά σκέφτηκα: Έχει φτερά, είναι πουλί, μπορεί να πετάξει. Οπότε το πέταξα στον αέρα. Αλλά αντί το κοτόπουλο να ανοίξει φτερά και να πετάξει, όπως περίμενε – 'έσκασε' πάνω στο κοινό" έχει εξομολογηθεί με απολογητικό ύφος ο Κούπερ σε παλαιότερη συνέντευξή του. Την επόμενη μέρα οι εφημερίδες είχαν πρωτοσέλιδα "Ο Άλις Κούπερ έσφαξε ένα ζωντανό κοτόπουλο στη σκηνή, το έκοψε κομμάτια, δάγκωσε το κεφάλι του".
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Wednesday, 04 July 2018 09:16

The Nomads - Where the wolf bane blooms

The Nomads are a Swedish garage punk band founded in 1981 by Hans Östlund, Nick Vahlberg, Joakim Tärnström, and Ed Johnson. Today, Östlund and Vahlberg are the only members left of the original line-up. The band plays music influenced by the MC5, The Stooges, Roky Erickson, The Cramps, The Ramones, New York Dolls, and other early garage rock and punk bands. The Nomads have been an influential band in the Scandinavian garage rock and punk scenes, inspiring bands such as The Hives, Hellacopters, Gluecifer, and many others.
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Tuesday, 07 November 2017 11:12

SRC - Up All Night

SRC had their own distinct sound and unique vision- heavy psychedelic rock mixed with hard rock overtones with Quackenbush's lead guitar style really contributing to their overall sonics. Quackenbush's technique was incredible, especially the way he used feedback and incorporated it into searing solos that are so expressive and can range from melodic to chaotic in a matter of seconds in the same song. This made the band stand out, although the other band members shouldn't be underestimated since it's when they all got together that the songs took form. Their music is the kind you get lost in, you forget yourself and your surroundings just melt away. Their sound reflected influences like Cream, The Pretty Things, The Who and The Yardbirds and other British bands. They mixed that influence with the sound of peers from the local music scene (the Stooges,MC5 and the Amboy Dukes) to come up with something very unique and creative. http://www.furious.com/perfect/src.html
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Friday, 20 October 2017 09:58

Burning Palms - Nightstalker

Although they are relatively new to Tucson’s growing music scene, Burning Palms are fast becoming the next local export soon be on everyone’s radar. With aesthetic roots in American gothic literature, post punk, and 60’s garage (the band cites influences ranging from Nick Cave to Bauhaus to Patti Smith and even more contemporary punk stalwarts in the late Jay Reatard), Burning Palms tiptoe the threshold of punchy psych-rock and seductive whimsy. Burning Palms’ leading force Simone Stopford (Vox, Guitars) began the band as a solo bedroom project in Sydney, Australia. Her studies led her to the Arizona desert in hopes of becoming a yoga instructor, and upon discovering the area’s vibrant music scene, she decided to stick around and assemble a gang of like minded souls. Stopford found a kindred spirit in Julia Deconcini (Vox/ Percussion) and from there added the other essential pieces to the Burning Palms puzzle.
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