02 May
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Album no.2 on the essential list of Savvopoulos' early releases, "Vromiko Psomi" picks up from where "Ballos" concluded. The eclectic nature is ever apparent with styles ranging from cabaret music to folk, Greek ethnic (zeimpekiko-Epirotic-Macedonian-Thracean tunes) to avant progressive rock, and all that within 37 minutes.

The structure of the album is in a way similar to "Ballos", with several shorter-length songs and a long composition, which comes by the name 'Mavri Thalassa' and represents the absolute highlight; in this occasion, the album concludes (rather than opens) with that most majestic piece of composition.

29 Apr
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Emerging from the intriguingly named Slab City, California, are Jex Thoth, with their self-titled debut album which brings forth a different take on the classic Doom format well-trodden by many bands before. There is no hiding the fact that this band is all about its female singer of the same name whose husky voice is it's defining feature and leads a lot of the discussion about the band and its music.

Rather than following the classic Doom template to the word in the manner of Reverend Bizarre or The Gates Of Slumber, Jex Thoth come across as a Sabbath-influenced (obviously...) 70's sounding folky-psychedelic Doom band with Bjork on vocals. Infact their bass-heavy and keyboard-backed sound can be most closely compared to not one of the godfathers of Doom, but the 21st Century's own 1970s band: Witchcraft. The importance of the bass guitar permeates throughout, being far more noticeable at times that the guitar, which in the likes of "Equinox Suite, A) The Poison Pit" at times merely adds flourishing melodies or can be heard following the footsteps of the keyboard. Though the trippy spaced feel of classic Sabbath and Pentagram can be attained pretty much throughout, those bands legacies are mostly plundered for the softer and less 'angular' riffing more-often-than-not utilised by Jex Thoth. Just listening to "Equinox Suite, B) Thawing Magus" instantly sends this writer drifting off to the thoughts of bygone Sabbath classics such as "Planet Caravan" and "Orchid".

28 Apr
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As Aldous Huxley once wrote, "The charm of history and its enigmatic lesson consist in the fact that, from age to age, nothing changes and yet everything is completely different." Though our dystopian visionary surely meant to slyly reference far more sinister puppet masters with his damning and oh-so-quotable bon mot, the unruly hellions pulling rock’n’roll’s nylon strings are less inclined to read between the lines. They prefer to go back to basics but slap a few fresh coats of paint on there to keep things sparkling. The song remains the same, and on The Eldritch DarkBlood Ceremony follows that axiom with near-religious fervor.

26 Apr
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Μια διαφωνία σε φιλική κουβέντα σχετικά με την καριέρα του Μπίγαλη, παιδιά μην ψαρώνετε ποτέ από τις πλειοψηφίες, με οδήγησε στην ανακάλυψη ενός ζωντανού ηλεκτρονικού μουσείου στο  youtube, το

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