22 Apr
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Σαμπιχά: «Δεν μετανιώνουμε, δεν μας απογοητεύουν»

Η ανακοίνωση της «κομμένης» Σαμπιχά Σουλεϊμάνογλου από το Ευρωψηφοδέλτιο του ΣΥΡΙΖΑ.

16 Apr
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Daniel Poulter will be familiar to a lot of you as lead singer / guitarist for neo-psychedelic / freakbeat outfit The Dolly Rocker Movement, who have been around since 2002 and released a bunch of gems (most recently "Your Side of Town" earlier on this year.)
After such a prolific and successful time of it with the Dolly Rocker Movement then, it may come as some surprise to see Poulter venturing out on his own which is exactly what he's doing here under the moniker of the Dandelion.

15 Apr
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Ariel Pink goes to great lengths to give the impression that his originals are conceived and created with jingle-like facility, but his songs are frequently far more melodically complex than they sound. This much is also true of the first Pink-penned single from Mature Themes, "Only In My Dreams": you hear that 12-string riff at the outset and immediately think "Byrds pastiche," and it's so on point that you figure it has to be stolen, or at least a knock-off.

14 Apr
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Honestly, to this day, I think "Anenome" is the most important psychedelic song that came after 60s (and it's one of main reasons why I decided to review this album, just to say a word or two about this mesmerizing masterpiece).

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